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Oct 14, 2007
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As you probably already know Steel Brigade was a Create-a-Joe mail away back in the day and this is something along those very same lines.
I'm currently working on and nearly finished doing a 1/6 Steel Brigade helmet/head and am looking to produce prepainted copies of it so that we can all enjoy the mail-in goodness once again. There's wip shots of it in my customs thread and there's very little left to finish. This first post is basically to gauge who else might be interested in such a project.

As a refresher here's the YoJoe archives page of him:


Basicly I'd just be making the helmets and you'd have gather to the outfit bits and arm them, neither of which would be too complicated especially since there's mutiple variations to go by.
We'd more or less be doing so as a group similar to the Commissioner Gordon project in the DC section.

Outfit is basically a pair of tan pants a blue shirt and a green vest. For those of you who prefer the modern updates you could even make the green vest into a flak vest or molle or whatnot. Hardest part would likely be the long gloves. Then again if you're using the Pro you've likely got spare CC or Trooper/Officer short gloves which would look just fine.

Anyway here's the stats on the helmet: (this is under the assumption you'd be using a TT or Pro. body)

-Helmets will be cast in solid resin and be a solid head not a helmet meant to go over a generic head so they'd have a neck (you'd need the short adapter).
-They will available pre-painted only and in a scheme of silver,hunter green, and black (necks would be black).
-probably only 20 helmets tops (and that includes mine)
-Looking to be about $45 (give or take)
-To clarify; resin cast w/ neck, pre painted and pre-drilled

Like I said shots of the helmet's progress can be seen in my customs thread. I'll be updating this thread later on this evening. If interested then feel free chime in.
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I'll try to make us a patch for the arm if I can make it small enough an a stand decal.
I'll try to make us a patch for the arm if I can make it small enough an a stand decal.

Either way it's cool 'Face. I used to have the patch otherwise I'd hit you with a hi-res scan.

Please advise on the price once everything is set in place and ready.


Sorry I really meant to touch on that in the first post. Right now it's like $45 each. That includes shipping. They will also be pre-drilled.
Oh Hell YES! Hell Yes indeed!

I was just thinking of doing one of these myself.

I'm in.

Count me in too. The sad thing is I found my old Steel Brigade file card this weekend.
Put me down for a tentative 'yes', pending final product pictures :)
:flag Welcome aboard, gentlemen!

WiP images. Needs a little more refining. Muzzle details are barely started and the the sides have to be finished. I do not have photoshop on this computer unfortunately otherwise I'd have "painted" it up in the right colors. :banghead




That neck may need to be lengthened I'm not sure. I'll try it out on a body later and see how it looks.


Who can make personilzed file cards?

That would be pretty cool. I think we'd need a higher resolution image though. Anyone got one? :D
Another shot of the head so far. Sanded the "crown" and middle sections, added bits to the muzzle. The symmetry is still off just needs to be adjusted slightly on the cheeks. Hoping to have it wrapped up by tomorrow or Monday.

I haven't picked up my stuff but have a few things in-hand I'll be using.

At present I'm closing the list. I've got about 15 names total. I'll post the list when the casts begin. Going to shoot for working on 5 at a time so I can paint those up while I cast the next 5..
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