Hot Toys celebrates Star Wars Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary

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Jul 13, 2006
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Let the speculation begin. Aside from the obvious reissues like Jedi Luke, the Emperor, Boba Fett, Royal Guard and a new stormtrooper, could this be the chance that we see HT produce:
  • a new Chewbacca
  • another ewok ( maybe two-pack like Chirpa & Logray)
  • Admiral Ackbar
  • any of the denizens from Jabba's throne room
...and dare one hope, HT finally tackles the big guy himself JABBA THE HUTT!

(hey, if we're gonna dream, lets dream big!)
Don't see General Lando, especially with how poor ESB Lando has sold.

Bring back those stormtroopers back though! I want them. Would love to see a surprise alien too, Ackbar is at the top of the list, but Gammorean Guards, Bib Fortuna, anything! If AoTC C3-PO is in-stock and selling well, could also see them do a throne version of him for ROTJ to bring the price up a bit.
Emperor's my main want this time around. I wish I could get some Imperial Guards, but I doubt it (I'll keep hope that they'll tackle some Crimson Empire characters in future shows/movies so that I'll be able to get someone like Carnor Jax or something and represent the IG like that). I was waiting for a ROTJ Vader since the very beginning, but now I'm wondering if I should wait for the ROTS version with the Hayden head, for consistency. The recent AOTC Anakin has me wanting to do an "Evolution" type of display, going from Padawan to Knight to Sith Lord, but I don't know. It'll be three figures one behind the other in some glass case, half of each of my 300$ dollies being obscured by the other figures. And then I'd obviously need another ROTS Anakin for my main display with Obi-Wan and hopefully a Chancellor Palpatine, not to mention that I want Vader in what'll be the centrepiece of my SW collection, an Empire display. I don't know, a lot of ideas sound cool on paper, but then you realise they take up space and cost money, so these "extra" figures become a problem. I barely can keep up with singular releases, you know? Let alone having to track 2-3 Vaders for this and that set-up. Dunno, I feel that it's a rabbit hole, and once you fall into it, you'll want more and more duplicates for cool scenes to recreate. It somewhat takes away from the "premium" feel of these for me (and also I'm looking for reasons to save some cash...) and clutters the space.

Anyway, my rambling aside, if I get just an Emperor re-release, I'll be happy. Vader's always liable to be released anyhow, between all the anniversaries and new shows and everything. We'll be seeing him pop up every year at this point.
I love OG Star Wars and 1/6 Star Wars Hot Toys is what got me back into collecting as an adult. I would love to dream about this announcement. I did for the ESB line. But I feel that RoTJ is the best represented already of recent OG HT SW releases. Also, HT skipped many very iconic possible releases for the ESB anniversary. I think this means we are mostly queued up for a lot of re-releases and some rehashed variations to get people double dipping again.

For the ’new’ line-up:
-Vader that is mostly the ESB Vader with face reveal sculpt.
-3rd HT RoTJ Luke, but reshuffled sculpts and accessories to bait completionists to buy him the third time (or fifth if you count Sideshow’s RoTJ and the HT Mando version). He will also have photos teasing trench coat Han, but that will never materialize.
-OG C3PO. Got to re-use that AOTC mold investment and get people sorry they preordered that one. Deluxe version will come with throne.

Then the straight reissues:
-Absolutely RoTJ Fett
-small batch of biker scouts that are already produced shoved into the new packaging. No changes to the helmet, don’t be silly.
-single pack Endor Leia to go with Luke, also shown with Han prototype.
-R2D2 deluxe

I really want to be wrong. But Hot Toys only did a fraction of what they could have for ESB releases. They have never released a Chewie they couldn’t also do as a Han 2-pack. He seems to be the victim of whatever is holding up additional Hans. I would think a single Chewie release would make more sense under the ESB banner with a deluxe version with 3PO on his back.

They didn’t re-release any of the ESB Snowtroopers that even owners of older ones could pick more up to troop build. General Veers is probably the most requested OG Imperial officer, no sign of him.

For the new ESB releases, I would say Lando was the only ’bold’ choice they made, and they’ve been burned with stock of him still on sale. I bet we finally got Snowspeeder Luke because we’re going to see a 50th Anniversary ANH X-wing Luke in 2027 that has very similar undersuit tailoring. Plus, reusing a Luke head is easy. And I’d argue that the Bespin Luke refresh was a safer release from what they could have potentially done this time (deluxe should have been a Dagobah Luke with Yoda). Also, Luke head reuse.

I want something to be excited about, but for now I have a vote of no confidence in Hot Toys’ product direction. If I am wrong about anything, I feel that we could also get reissues of Palpatine and the Royal Guards. But definitely not Stormtroopers because it is the one reissue I’d buy again in bulk.
I really need me some gamorrean guards and some other Jabba's Palace figures, that's all I ask for.

Bib Fortuna, Amanaman, Leia in Boushh disguise that kind of figures will just force me to click that pre order button.
What about Dengar, dammit.

Careful for what you wish for ... :LOL:

It’s be nice if they actually go all out and do some unexpected figures like Admiral Ackbar, Nien Nunb, and Bib Fortuna.

I would love General Lando as well but probably not too likely. And I feel like there’s no point in bringing up Endor Han.

I would probably say…

Boba Fett ROTJ V2
Darth Vader ROTJ
Leia (Boushh)

*TIE Pilot, Stormtrooper, Royal Guard
**Luke ROTJ or Palpatine

But still hoping for some surprises!
Serious palps & another run of Royal guards would be nice. Sold those off a while back. Probably shouldn’t have but the values are nice.
Can't believe I forgot Leia Boussh! But instead of that, we'll probably get Ewok village Leia in that dress, paired up with a Wicket reissue.
Difficult one since we’ve already had a decent number of ROTJ figures. In order of likeliness I think:

1. ROTJ Vader
2. Han Solo (if we don’t get this then there is definitely a problem with likeness rights)
3. C-3PO
4. TIE Pilot
5. Bib Fortuna
6. Gammy Guard