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Toy Anxiety

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Mar 8, 2008
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Toy Anxiety, incoming!!

Good evening fellow SSC Freaks,

We here at Toy Anxiety just wanted to let you know that we are going to be regularly updating our own thread with news, pre-orders, and most importantly incoming 1/6th scale figure parts and accessories! That's right you will actually know when and what we will be posting up on our site!

In addition, we have a monthly custom figure random drawing contest for all you kit bashers out there! Details as follows:

You may enter once per month a 1:6 scale custom figure or scene here in our thread. It doesn't matter how good or bad your custom is as this will be a random drawing, all you have to do is enter something. The creation must be a custom figure or a significant modification of an existing figure. Head swaps, costume swaps aren't going to qualify and anything in the "grey area" will be determined by Toy Anxiety staff. Each custom can only be entered once, no repeats regardless if you win or lose. Even if you've won, you can still win again so post every month if you can. Please submit full pictures, no links or thumbnails, and please include the title/name of your character. You may also submit via an embedded youtube video if you have some kind of lighting or motion effect. The prize is a $25 Toy Anxiety eGift Certificate for use on our website.

In the case there are 5 or less entries in a single month, there will be no drawing and those entries will be carried over to the following month. Those who entered in a month where there is no drawing, may enter again the following month should this happen.

UPDATE: If the winner does not respond or use the prize by the end of the month following the announcement of their win, the prize will be revoked and offered to another random winner.

Thanks to all who continue to participate, and welcome to those who are new to the contest. Good luck to all!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 602-308-0292!

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Awesome. I have bought many a piece from you folks. About time you showed up here. :duff
I agree with Pix. I just made my first order last week and it arrived in record time! Glad to see you here. I will like to know when you start to break figs down!
Glad to see you here!!!
Sounds awesome...i've been hunting for a hot toys robocop flight pack for ages...whats my chances??
Thanks for the support Pix, and unfortunately we don't have any Robocop flight pack parts. Thanks for your interest and just to let you guys know we do ship internationally.
I thought you guys were going to get a new website or something back in April. What ever happened with that?
Yes Pixletwin, we have been working on our new website for some time now. To let everyone know what's up with that, here's an abridged version of the story. Over the past 6 months or so previous to April, the webmaster and designer of our current site had not been cooperating with us on upgrading and solving site issues. We therefore needed a new Webmaster. We found one in a good friend of ours who is very knowledgeable and great at working with web content and he agreed to help build our new site. As we started building this new site, he got a new job which involved a commute from Phoenix to Burbank CA, thus his time became limited.

Now that he's settled into his new job, he has been working diligently on adding the thousands of products to our new site. In the mean time, we must also upload the pictures for each item individually. This takes a lot of time. The acquisition of a new job from our webmaster and the unexpected time consuming picture uploads are what has delayed our new site.

We are nearing a level for launch though. Our primary goal is to be able to launch with a large selection of our 1:6 scale figure parts as that is what we sell most of. Then we'll add on as time goes on. We're nearly done with all the Sideshow parts, and have a couple other categories we want to have ready for launch, so hopefully (cross your fingers) by the end of July we'll be online. If you want a sneak peak, here's a link to a screen shot of one of the figure parts pages https://www.toyanxiety.com/images/tascreenshot.jpg.

We welcome any comments and/or suggestions as to what you would like to see or not see on our new website. Thanks!
Toy Anxiety
I love that your break down figure parts.

Toy Anxiety is a great place to shop. :rock
Updates to our inventory!

Dragon Mike Kirby US Green Berets Special Forces Group Airborne
Includes "Beer Belly" fat body design with a young John Wayne head. The belly body could possibly be used on a SSC Old Ben to appear more "screen accurate".

Blue Box (BBi) Chuck Morris SWAT Team Sheriff

DID Michael Taylor WWII British 6th Airborne Division "Red Devils"
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Update for 07/09/08

Good evening SSC Freaks! Here is the latest figure we have pieced out for your customizing pleasure. Seeing this figure's parts makes me want to build a PMC soldier from Metal Gear Solid 4:GOP, anyone else get that vibe? So enjoy all the awesomeness that Hot Toys has to offer and have a great night. And thanks for reading our thread and stay tuned here to receive updates on all of our upcoming products to fulfill your 1/6th scale needs!

Hot Toys US Army Special Forces Sniper
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Good to see you guys on the boards. Purchased quite a bit from you guys. I can't wait until that DID Edward Steiner figure comes out. Are you all going to part him out? I could really use some of the accessories off of him.
When it comes to DID figures as long as they are offered via wholesale then yes more than likely we will be carrying them and parting them out. The only time where we wouldn't be is if they were exclusives somewhere then we wouldn't have them available. Thanks for your interest Ryan1982!
Great to see you guys join the board. I too have bought from you guys multiple times and have been nothing but extremely statisfied! You guys are always quick to ship and have very reasonable prices on most of your parts.

And good luck with the website. I know I've been looking forward to it for months now.
Thanks Buttmunch, we are just as excited to get the new website out there for all to enjoy!
Any shot you'll get more Solo: Smugglers back in? I'm dying to find the body and HS.