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Radio silence.
If I were you, I would start looking at other options and requesting a full refund immediately. There were a few sets up for grabs on gundamit last night. Also not sure if you're up to date on the recent events, but TW and Justin have parted ways (this also includes CS). TW probably did not secure any orders from Gametoys due to not paying their vendors in the past and they will probably give you the run around until they can secure it from some other third party.
Now that they shipped Cloud, i assume Noctis PO is around the corner ?
I hope so! I thought he was supposed to go up after Tifa but I'm probably misremembering. I have FanArt's on PO but I rather have GT's version.
It is cloud sequential delivery. Contact the shop where you ordered as soon as possible. If your order is late, you will only receive the product next year. Now the resell price is about twice that.