EXO-6 Star Trek "Voyager" Figures

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I'm rewatching a lot of DS9 at the moment and would love to see some new characters too.

I think the next big thing though will be FC Worf on FC day.
Just had tracking info from Aaron at Planet Action Figures that 7 of 9 will be dispatched to me in the next couple of days. Looking forward to her.
Very tempted to try and locate a Chakotay. The only thing is if I get him I’m not sure where I’ll stop because I’ll just keep on talking myself into “well this is the last VOY character for me”.. :lol
Paid off the invoice this morning, as well.

So we basically need B'Elanna, Tom, Harry and Neelix to complete the crew. Anyone else is gravy, although I would definitely add a "Tuvix" figure.
Paid off my Chakotay. I’m also….very slowly….coming around to Seven. She looks really good on my shelves.
Also just paid off Chakotay. After hearing about other delays, I'm glad his wasn't late. I'd like to get the entire crew, but there are finances. Prob just Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok. I'm wondering how many people would be really interested in Neelix. He was so annoying on the show.