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Only could get the first question to show up.


(I went through all ten, but had to Google some of the answers) :lol
Only could get the first question to show up.

They know there's a problem with it (apart from having to actually answer questions)...

Jessi Dawn Cowan

· 8 m ·


Hello! It is me again! We wanted to let everyone know that we do see the issue happening with, it seems to be an internal issue with the Crowdpurr platform.

We are working to figure out and resolve the issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you all updated!
First day of Geeksgiving was plagued by constipation. Nothing happened. No codes dropped.
Somewhere in the bowels of Geeksgiving there is potential for a satisfying outcome but we wait.
If anyone has any 10% off in stock codes they won't be using and could send my way, I would be greatly appreciative. I have some rewards expiring and still want to grab Carnage before they do. Thanks
I still don't believe I ever got the $2 from the trivia on the last day of spook on Halloween. :angryfist:

Not holding my breathe for this $1... :lol