Beast Kingdom Batman 1989 Batman and Joker

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It really isn’t that bad of a figure. I like it a lot
better than the NECA figure. Can’t wait to get the Mezco one but that seems to be vapor ware at this point. The smirk and pursed lips are the best sculpts. So I will change out the face plate at some point. Just wish the cape draped better even though it is still a nice cape.

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Really got into Beast Kingdom this past year. Here are some Toy Photography pics of my ‘89 figs. People crap on BK & the whole 1:9 scale for being an outlier, but they have a lot of redeemable qualities.


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I must have left the Batman in the box too long because I took it out for the first time last night and as soon as I moved the arms, they snapped at the elbow joint. I had removed Joker about 6 months ago just to check him out so he was fine but I'm kinda bummed about the Batman figure.