1/6 Hot Toys - The Dark Knight - Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne (2.0) Collectible Set

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I do feel like this is Hot Toys trying to get ahead of an InArt TDK figure.

I cancelled my HT The Batman figure because I think the InArt is significantly better (so I am not some HT apologist), but I think this honestly looks good.
I hate Seamless. If it can be avoided, that's better. I've seen some good examples of subtle joints. Heck. I would even sacrifice articulation in some cases, than have a seamless body that is prone to crack or fall apart.
I would just wait. The TDKR Armory version is already obsolete. This one has a better armory, more accessories, a better Bale, etc. etc.


We know they’re going to release ANOTHER TDK/TDKR DX version. That one will have the faceplates that are missing on this these past two along with an updated Sonar head and cape back pack. Probably be released as soon as InArt puts up there’s. Someone in the other thread said it best, Hot Toys are drip feeding with these releases.

It’s an endless cycle. The only people that really win are collectors like you that haven’t bought any of them yet. Why? Because after these TDKR armory and TDK armory figures hit the market, you’ll have roughly 8 Hot Toys Bale Batman figures to choose from on the secondary market. The prices on suits, belts, gadgets, heads will just get lower and lower. That’s not even counting InArt’s eventual release.

Hot Toys have really diluted their brands. The DX19 took forever to sell out and every store still has the QS019 (both versions) for sale.

As mentioned before, an on going theory is HT are intentionally flooding the market so when InArt drops their reveal, people would’ve lost interest by then. Chan probably noticed a lack of interest in JND’s Joker BECAUSE of InArts and their own artisan…Chan probably thought “im gonna use that tactic just to **** with InArt”.

He seems like the petty type to do exactly that.
Hot Toys, to me, just come off as little scheming weasels. They don’t actually do anything new. Then they see JND, InArt, JazzInc. doing their thing, which
lights a fire under their ass. It’s pathetic.

They’ve already done an Armory before, 3 times over. It was $625 with Batman/Bruce/Alfred, $525 for Batman/Alfred and $385 for Batman. There’s a 4th Armory out now, the TDKR and it hasn’t even been released yet. It’s just in poor taste.

They could have made an ALL NEW Begins Batman figure instead. Do the Begins Armory with that cool family Wardrobe that’s down in the Batcave. The plastic detail effect of the wood, moisture, paint bubbling damage, etc. would be awesome plus a new Batman to boot.



But of course, they lack any kind of ingenuity and creativity. That would be such a cool, unique release (just like an ‘89 Batsuit vault) on a much needed update (Begins suit) but nope, gotta go with TDK/R Bale again.
I'm beginning to regret that the DK Trilogy ever existed. The rehash, reissue, 2.0 across the board has become very blah and uninspiring. Feels like every year, something else from this trilogy has something in the hopper. Glad I'm nearly out of it. I feel like I could step away from it for 5 years and come back and not really see anything spectacular.

Isn’t it this the MMS155?




Just kidding. But no, if you look at all the pictures of 1/6 Bale Batman, it all starts looking the same.
So I don’t normally bring in YTers into the discussion…but I couldn’t help myself this time.

‘Riley reviews’ video on this is funny. It’s like 15 out of the 16 min video is spent ranting and being upset (rightfully so) at this reveal, and the last minute with him saying I’m still getting this.


Bro even asked why HT would do something like this…

Like…dude, you just answered that question in the last minute of your vid. I have no ill will towards the guy, he does seem like an over positive collector for the most part…I just find the lack of self control amusing 😂
Perhaps this means a proper Begins suit remake doesn't have to be considered off the table. If they'll solicit another Armory release with yet another TDK suit right alongside the TDKR armory with a TDK suit, thus cannibalizing their own preorders - what would stop them putting out a new Begins suit despite the last abomination being relatively recent? Beyond Hot Toys just being weird about Batman Begins for some reason....
Well let's take a look at what is actually all new here from a R@D perspective. The new Bat suit obviously which they are getting duel use out of annnd well, what else? The armory is obviously re-use. Who knows how long that BW sculpt has been lying around perhaps refreshed with a new coat of paint? Maybe. The suit, who knows? Not much R/D tool and die cost there though. They can't even give us multiple face plates anymore! And you want a all new Begins figure? :lol

Now let's take a look at the recent SW repaint cash grabs that took factory precedent over all of their late PO's. because they need money due to putting up a bunch of figures nobody wants even canceling a couple outright after PO which had never been done before.

Marvel isn't what it once was, competition has arrived, and Howard is scrambling to keep his empire on the cheap.
spent ranting and being upset (rightfully so) at this reveal, and the last minute with him saying I’m still getting this.

And that part of the collector base are half of the problem. It’s compulsive collecting at its finest.

Some day in the not too distant future, there will be a market filled with old MMS71s, DX02s, DX12s, QS001s, Armory 1.0s, DX19s, QS019s, Armory 2.0s, Armory 3.0s when 2030s Batman debuts.