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  • I appreciate the thought, but I don't think I like any of the characters left enough to have in my sig. :lol I'm thinking about going back to the Alien one you made me anyway.
    I was wondering. When you go to add that gif in, would you be able to remove the top black bar on top of them so it matches that first gif on all of them. Or would it not work without it?
    That's no problem, I appreciate you doing it for me :duff

    I'll just use the one you already made for now. Thanks again!
    Hey. Since I know you're savvy with image editing, could you help correct a gif I want to use for a sig? I used some online gif editors, but the frame are going crazy when I put them together.

    This is it.

    And these are the original files.

    I think if the frames were filled in with black bars when the text isn't there it wouldn't constantly look like it's resizing. I'd really appreciate it if you have time. I guess it could just appear in the order they are on that page with left to right going down. It would need to be x150 pixels high for it to be okay to use here.
    Sorry I didn't get back to you, I missed this! Thanks for the offer, but I'm good for the moment thanks :duff
    The designs are hideous. All of it is so contrived to make them "interesting" and give them "personality." Now Raff has seat belts and one boxing glove? Ughh.
    I was a HUGE fan of both as a kid. Not so much the cartoons, but the films. Now both are just horribly bastardized cash ins now. You got one, that has the worst CGI'd monsters imaginable, and the other is empowered feminist ghost hunters...
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