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Re: Tweeterhead New Elvira maquette

I’m a sucker for Elvira I’ll buy this
Re: Tweeterhead New Elvira maquette

She'll be premium format size. Almost 22 inches tall

Yeah? Where did you get this info? I really hope youre right I passed on the SS PF and regretted it mainly because it wasn't the black dress but this looks like classic Elvira to me
Oh nice. I have one of the older Tweeterhead Elvira statues and really love it.
from TH


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Is there some alternate I don't know about, because the I see nothing at all on their site about this Elvira? You'd think it would be front page!
I didn’t order from Tweeterhead, but I did from Sideshow. This piece is stunning. Too bad they didn’t go with real hair, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless. I met Cassandra a few times. Lovely lady and sweet. Aside from her character, she doesn’t have a massive ego like a lot of celebrities.
I only collect 1:6 so I know nothing about statues, though I am considering this for my wife because she is a big fan.

1. How close does Tweeterhead production pieces come to the shown prototypes?
2. What is the statue made from? How fragile is it? I guess I technically have some statues: a Sideshow Taun Taun, Cobra Commander Throne, and a Jazzinc Bespin Gantry. I think these are all Polystone? Is Elvira made the same way?