PCS Conan 1/2 scale statue

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Needs work.

Hair and eyebrows looks like they would better suit a 1/4. PCS have gotten enough comments about the face that they may tweak it (I hope), but the hair could use some additional detail as well. Feels very low-res and cartoony currently.
Did an edit in Photoshop. Narrowed the face, enlarged/widened eyes, brought eyes closer together, softened lip outline and reduced sneer, rounded the jaw, softened cheeks, and adjusted hair silhouette. Also softened the outline of the eyebrows and brightened their color, they looked too solid and separate from the skin before (this would require a paint tweak, not just sculpt).

Last step was enlarging the head; looked too small in the thumbnail view and I think enlarging it helps justify the bulk they added to his physique.


As for adding more hair detail, that would take too much time to paint over in Photoshop. Even if all we got were the face and head size mods above, I'd order. And that's without war paint.
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Full gallery is up on the company's Facebook page. Some of the shots here.

Warpaint definitely looks the best and even the current headsculpt's issues are hidden quite well. I think I'd have a hard time passing it up if they improve it.







Yeah, but the price. This thing is gonna' be, what - two grand? :eek:
War paint version looks good.

The skin tone one though has pretty flat paint apps. Looks like a Weta statue.
I think the head is too small on both statues. Overall, compared to the proportions of the upper body, and also the hips and legs look very big. Look how tiny his little hands are compared to the body. Everything just seems off in ways that are glaring and would always bother me if I had one of these on display in my collection. There's a slight exaggerated cartoonish quality – as if some artistic interpretation was taken with the sculpting of body proportions – that makes these statues look a bit like animated concepts, or one of those Super7 figures. Whoever designed these was imagining an idealized super-pumped muscular physique, rather than following the real source material. I'm sure these will be impressive, but for the scale and price these don't feel like definitive Conan statues.
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I'm sure these will be impressive, but for the scale and price these don't feel like definitive (...) statues.
I think I could say that for just about every PCS statue I've been interested in.
Just Pre ordered the paint version with skull base.

Was tempted to go with more film accurate base but since I have the 1/3 version I thought I would go with the more interesting one.

Plus it goes with Sword display base :)
I don't really want to be this harsh, but that head sculpt - particularly on a half scale that theoretically should be easier to get more accurate - is awful... one of the worst I've ever seen.

Just stumbled across this thread and thought that it might be cool, but I'm actually shocked how bad it is :(