Paragon FX Deckard's Hero (Elite) Blaster

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Apr 11, 2022
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If there is an existing thread on this I couldn't find it. Which surprised me because DAMN...this is the one item I am most eagerly awaiting! Yes it's a little pricey...but the level of detail is right there with the Tomenosuke IMHO:

"The Deckard Hero (Elite) has been manufactured from the exact same tooling that was used for the hero props seen in the film, Blade Runner 2049. Weighing in at over two pounds, every detail of this iconic prop has been captured. From the telltale amber grips to the 5 working LEDs on the forward (also removable) magazine, it's truly all here.

The all-metal bolt action can be slid back into an open position and the side cylinder can also be opened for display."

Picture not of the one from the website...couldn't get that one to work here:
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Thanks for posting this Astropin. The Tomenosuke always seems to be too expensive if you can find it. Curious how this compares. Hope an all-metal K blaster might follow.
So. as it turns out Paragon has contracted Tomenosuke to make these blasters. These will be Tomenosuke's. It's just Paragon has the license...and only in North America (for now). No shipping outside the US.
Really? No interest in movie props/replicas here? This looks amazing to me.
I guess that's one of the reasons we don't see much blade runner merchandise - lack of interest?

It does look good, but it also looks a bit like a water pistol. I'm sure it's very accurate though
There are loads of the old version available online though, and with this new release, there will be even more