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Aug 2, 2021
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“There’s a part of me as wild and fierce as my namesake.”

Sideshow presents the Wolverine: Berserker Rage Statue. This beastly Marvel collectible highlights the fierce nature of this super hero.

The Wolverine: Berserker Rage Statue measures 19” tall, 17” wide, and 20” deep as this frenzied mutant becomes downright lethal. Caught in a dark, dangerous science facility, Wolverine unsheathes his long claws as he hunches over and prepares to let loose the beast within. When he’s overwhelmed by this primal power, nothing — and no one — can tame him.

Inspired by the character’s appearance in Marvel Comics,this fully sculpted X-Men collectible depicts Wolverine in a fit of total fury. James Howlett wears his team’s classic yellow and blue ’90s-era uniform, complete with an iconic mask and thick gloves and boots. The statue also features a red light-up function in its circular base which adds to the intense atmosphere. From Logan’s intimidating presence to the immense detailing and more, all of these essential elements of Wolverine are packed into a single collectible, cementing it as the ultimate centerpiece for all X-Men fans.

What are you waiting for, bub? Bring home the Wolverine: Berserker Rage Statue by Sideshow today.

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