Most Famous Person You’ve Actually Seen/Met in the Flesh

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Nice! That’s a pretty good list of guests, too.
Yeah, for an event in South Dakota it’s not bad. We don’t get a ton here, but at the same con last year I met Ian McDiarmid, Dee Bradley Baker, and some other actors/voice actors. I didn’t meet them but last year they also got Anthony Daniels and Katee Sackhoff.
met one of my favourite singers of all time D'Angelo back in 2000 together with the man himself Questlove (VooDoo tour) and in 2005 Pete Rock. Very nice and humble people and awesome to talk to.
I used to do autographing, have met (talked with or shook hands with) 159 Hall of Fame athletes including Mickey Mantle (twice), Joe Dimaggio, Sandy Koufax, Muhammad Ali (3 times), Johnny Unitas, Gordie Howe, Shaquille O’Neal, etc. In music, probably Bob Seger. Adam West and Burt Ward also.
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I’ve worked in digital streaming for a while so I’ve seen more than my fair share of celebrities. However, my career high was working with Joel Hodgson, creator of my favorite television series: Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Kelly Hu, we recreated the pose of the characters on the cover of the first Marvel comic that I've done:

Brianna Hildebrand, met her as a fellow guest at a comic con, I gave her my cock:

Jason David Frank (may he Rest in Peace 🙏) and Hodor.. also met them as a fellow guest at a comic con.
That's all I can remember for now.. They were all super nice, kind, and humble. 👍
Bernie Sanders, Nelly Furtado, Paul Simon, Neve Campbell, Dave Grohl… me so cool.😎

Meeting David Grohl is on my bucket list. Did you manage to get an autograph from him? I've heard that he has stopped signing things in recent years, and only does it for charity now days.
John Steinbeck, Chief Justice Renquist, Katherine Hepburn, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Matthew Modine, Alec Baldwin, Robert Redford, Robin Williams, Jimmy Fallon, Roger Waters, Patrick Stewart, Julie Andrews, Walt Frazier, Keith Hernandez, Ed Kranepool, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Rudy Guiliani, Brooke Shields, Alan Alda, Rusty Staub, Paul Sorvino, Lee Van Cleef, Werner Klemperer…
I met and shook hands with JFK in 1960 when he was campaigning in NJ.

I met Isaac Asimov at the Hugo Awards just after he won Best Novel for “Foundation’s Edge.”

I crashed a soirée at GWU to meet Arthur C. Clarke just so I could ask him to sign my first edition hardback copy of “2001:a space odyssey.”

I passed up a chance to meet Robert Heinlein at a WorldCon party once.

I’ve run into lots of science fiction writers at various conventions. I got into a whiskey drinking contest with Jerry Pournelle. I have several books signed by Larry Niven from before he stopped doing that to save his hands for writing.

I’ve met every man who ever walked on the moon, including Neil and Buzz. I have run into Buzz so many times that the last time he called me by my name!

My favorite Apollo astronaut was Michael Collins. I’ve met him many times at the National Air and Space Museum. He was the NASM director who brought the new museum in ahead of schedule and well under budget for the ‘76 Bicentennial. The NASM became one of the most visited museums in the world. I consider it a holy place.

Who impressed me the most? Sally Kellerman!

All true.