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Do we think it will be a monthly DIY, or a pivot into full shops?
I'm hoping not monthly. Having to wait 2 years to complete one shi is just to long. Especially when a lot of fans will probably want more then one ship.

That said. If they did a 1701 Refit on a monthly I'd still get it, but I probably wouldn't venture into the other ships
I don’t think I’d partake in the DIY builds if that’s what they end up doing. I was initially interested in the Enterprise D build but after seeing some of the videos on YouTube I decided against it. Between the long build time and the level of imperfections (e.g. light bleed, panel gaps) at that price point it doesn’t seem worth it.

QMX had an interesting “Artisan” line of ships at one point that looked impressive but they were up there in price as well.

Despite the plug holes and hideous stand, what TOMY produced for $600USD is pretty impressive, I’d be interested in a similar completed, lighted model like that.
I wonder if they will be smaller scale ships master replicas and eagle moss were doing. Fanhome/deagonisti did a series of smaller scale ships for star wars a few years ago.