1:6 Scale Terminator Endoskeleton

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Well, most of what you see in the above picture are the old 0.2mm resolution scans + one or three old 0.1mm resolution scans. The software has updated since then, so I will probably have to rescan everything again.

The neck and spine and rectangular piece on the chest that I have with my kit are not perfect or complete... so I am looking for better sources to get scans from. So far no luck. But yeah, for the T1 I will add the vertical line on the front and back of the neck piece.

+ I will try to sculpt the T1 hands.
PT Studios are only doing severely limited runs, and they are quite expensive, so there's no chance for someone like me to be able to afford one, let alone getting in on the run. They are usually all sold out when they start producing the castings.
While I'm working on things I thought I might as well slowly go through and making multi-view orthographic images of the scans.

(My kit only came with this 1 style, but it may just be how the LFS kit was decided to be made and the original may have had two separate sculpts... or, like the LFS kit... only one basic sculpt and then the way the toes were attached made them different.) On the T1 the main horisontal piece wasn't solid. It appears to be a cutout that was bent in on itself, so has a gap between the top and the bottom. It seems it was filled in on the T2 ones making that piece solid.



Leg - Lower - Ankle


Just one more for today.

From what I've found there is only 1 sculpt for both shin pieces. The ones from my kit has the front top edge sanded, so please be aware of this when using this as reference. It is missing details in that area - the depression above the cross depression. With ghostman's permission I can do a similar reference image of his photogrammetry created 3D model as it has that area intact, or he could do it himself if he wanted.

Also be mindful that it may be difficult to determine if the warp seen in these parts are on the original production made pieces for the movies or happened later when things were molded and cast for various things, such as the LFS kits.

Leg - Lower

3 more. I did not scan the rectangular piece as that is not an original SWS piece, but was sculpted for the T2:3D display endoskeletons. And I'll probably not show the spine pieces as I cannot find the original scans, but only my resized and re-shaped ones. So they wouldn't be accurate. Though, they are shaped to the pelvis piece... so if people want me to post them, please let me know.

Chest Abb Plate - 02





Next batch. This is not the LFS neck but another neck I had bought previously to buying my LFS kit. If people want to see the LFS split up and resized neck I can do that too. Though... I made the alterations based on visual aid, not measurements, so it may not be accurate.

This is the solid piece I scanned recently for a project.



Shoulder Motor - R and L


Noticed during my research that it seems they flipped these for the T2 endoskeletons. Unsure whether they did it on all of them, or they just mismatched parts for those, so it could be random for T2.

Shoulder Piece 1

Forgot to post the latest ones here. Haven't been feeling well, so haven't done much.

Spine 1 and 2, and 3. These castings are really warped so I wasn't sure if I should post them. If I ever find a scan of an accurate spine section I will post it here.


Forgot to post the Orthographic view of the day over here as well.

The LFS kit has the same set for both hands. Haven't checked if it is that way on the originals or they are mirrored. Sorry for the rough scans. I just did them quickly, without much worry, because I was planning to 3D model them myself, but we needed fingers for a project, so I just scanned the LFS ones for that. I hope you can make out the shapes. The details may be a little hard to see, but this is more a shape and size exercise rather than to show every single little detail.