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  • I'm interested in your Tarkin figure. What's the condition like? Does he come with the original shipper box? Would you consider $450? Thanks.
    If you have a second could I get a picture of obi wan and boba? No rush, just ordered the 3a prime and bee so of course I come across this now. Anyway I would appreciate it if you could send them when you have the time. Thank you
    I have SS Ex IG 88, SS Sand Trooper (squad leader and the other 2 ex and store exclusive,
    SS Ex Anh Darth Vader, and SS Ex 501st
    here ya go mate :wave

    I purchased POTA Soldier and Captain. I suspect if he is ill the items wouldn't be forthcoming soon therefore, he issued a refund.
    hi. Out of curiosity what were you buying from this ac2 guy? I sent him a payment also and last i heard from him was saturday that he was going to get boxes. Then he refunded me on Tuesday with no message or responses to pms? Very odd.
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