What Are Your Top Favorite Joker Moments...So Far?

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Jul 23, 2006
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Atlantic Ocean
I never gave this much thought so I am going to use the list Clown Prince used. Its not a top 10 as I didnt feel like filling it with TDK moments just cause its all great.. But here you go

1. "How about a magic trick?" - TDK (2008) - Funny and disturbing all at once. Perfect Joker!

2. Come hit me! Game of chicken 2.0. - TDK (2008) - Its all great but the "Bonus, Joker mocks, laughs and spits on his own electrocuted henchman" is again 100% Joker.. Its funny and insane all at the same time.

3. "LOOK AT ME!" - TDK (2008) - Most intense moment for the Joker.

4. "Jack? Jack is dead. Call me, Joker!!" - Batman (1989) - Great intro.. Scary and intense.

5. "Wait till they Get a load of Me" - Batman (1989) - Kind of goes with the #6. But it was the line that sold me on this film in the trailers. In all honestly this was the last of the truly great Joker moments in the 89 Batman for me. I am a big Nicholson fan but he was a bit too goofy and not really scary after that.

6. Interogation sequence - TDK (2008) - Just great all around.
7. Bloody smile - Joker (2019) - The Scene in the film that helped me like the movie.

7. Just about everything else in TDK

8. Smiling hand Tattoo - Suicide Squad - A bit of controversy to shake up the list. I dont hate Jarred's performance but I do hate his look.. But not when it comes to holding his hand up to his mouth when he lets out a laugh and his tattoo on his hand shows the smile that he is hiding.

9. Endless moments of Mark Hamills Joker.. Too many to name.


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Apr 19, 2013
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5. "Wait till they Get a load of Me" - Batman (1989)

That line has stuck in my head all these years, since the first time I saw it in the theatres.

It almost made my list but I guess I left it off because TDK dominated so hard. But it's a quiet moment that says a lot.
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Jan 9, 2013
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My 31-40

31. Bank heist - TDK (2008)

32. Jack/Joker takes off his make up and calls out Batman on tv- Batman (1989)

33. Jack meets Batman and "falls" into toxic waste- Batman (1989)

34. Joker's speech in Murray show - Joker (2019)

35. Arthur finds out about adoption- Joker (2019)

36. Arthur punches out - Joker (2019)

37. Joker's parade - Batman (1989)

38. Smylex Comercial - Batman (1989)

39. Nurse Joker checks on Harvey - TDK (2008)

40. Bathroom dance - Joker (2019)