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Jul 16, 2017
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Apr 11, 2007
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I like Larson in other roles, but that suit looks terrible here and she just doesn't have a lot to work with in these movies.

Would probably help if Captain Marvel had more limits on her powers and that was more clearly defined.

In the MCU, Thor, Scarlett Witch and Hulk all had to be sidelined in the writing because they were just too powerful. Well in their comics conception.

Vampire can't operate in daylight. Now there are history, culture and lore issues at work here, but in terms of "rules", it gives the humans a fighting chance in films, books, comics and TV. 30 Days Of Night shows what happens with you have overpowered vampires with no practical offset to limit them. ( I loved that movie actually, but that concept can only work in a specific way IMHO)

If you give a super hero no practical flaws, then the only conflict can come from within. The Boys does a great job of that with Homelander. He's unstoppable, but his worst enemy is himself. Since the MCU will refuse to do that to Larson/Danvers, then what's left?

Larson didn't have a lot to work with because IMHO the framework refused to allow any trade offs at all. There have to be more ways to kill her in a practical manner or she has to be more deficient from an ethics standpoint as a character. That's the economical path to practical conflict for Danvers.