South Park: Joining the Panderverse

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Mar 5, 2011
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The Democratic Peoples Republic of England
I get what you are saying - but as someone who does watch his group chat things [I like to hear from "both sides" of a topic] that is usually when he delves into some pretty toxic stuff and becomes every bit the super hater reactionary type.
He tends to be a bit more thoughtful/intelligent in his own videos, even if you can still see his biases.
The group stuff is typical echo-chamber **** where they egg each other on to be as toxic as possible.
I would have to watch some to see. But such echo chamber environments do involve folk egging each other on. Just look at pretty much any subReddit or any youtube stream of the opposite spectrum. I mean, folk on TikTok are talking about Bin Laden being right sooo.. yeah. I hate the echo chamber nature of modern online social media. That is why I stay off of them for the most part outside of forums like this and youtube. No room for middle ground