Resident Evil Extinction Alice 1/6

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Freaked Out
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Oct 18, 2012
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My 1/6 Resident Evil Extinction Alice kitbash and custom. I used the Brother Productions Zombie Killer as the base.

Head: Replaced and hairpunched
Body: Replaced with Pop Toys Super flexible small bust
Boots: Laces replaced and repainted
Stockings: remade from scratch
Shorts : added leather leg trim, Star pattern on back and weathered
Shirts: Weathered
Scarf: Replaced with scratch made screen accurate version. Added second accurate scarf that was missing.
Coat: Weathered
Holsters and belts: Repainted and weathered
Shotgun: Repainted and inlay added to grip. Holster repainted
Handguns: Replaced with screen accurate models and repainted.
Gloved hands: Hands replaced and screen accurate gloves made from scratch
Bracelet: Replaced with scratch made screen accurate one
Kukri knives: Replaced with accurate versions and repainted
Watch: Replaced the strap and repainted

Alice finished 1.JPGAlice Finished 2.JPGAlice Fixed.jpgDCS_0165-001.JPGDCS_0202.JPGDCS_0215.JPGDCS_9890.JPGDCS_9894.JPGDCS_9904.JPG