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For Sale Prime 1, Iron Studios, & Chronicle Jurassic Park Statues, LOTR P1 & SS PFs, Weta MC Treebeard, Pred on Horse, Lara Bow, AvP Props, PCS MKX Mileena 1/3

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Apr 27, 2013
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Collection has gotten a bit too big to display everything so have to let some pieces go. Sometimes I have a piece for years without displaying it or even getting around to opening it so I have to thin down. I will be listing a few more, but this is mostly all for now. They include original box/shipper unless noted. PM or email for questions/pics. I don't have pics for everything yet. Most are boxed ready to ship same/next day. All are plus shipping, I usually ship FedEx as they are usually the cheapest for large pieces and seem to have the safest handling. Send me your zip for a quote. I take; Paypal G&S, USPS money order, or cash on pickup.

ARH Arhian 1/3, displayed, (one small part of skirt has a clean break) $1000
ARH Arkhalla Vampire 1/3 Hell's Fire Version, new inspected, $1800

Fewture Models Predator on Alien Horse(Sideshow version plus bonus cloaked head swap)(small break on cloaked head, otherwise new) $400 SOLD
Fewture Models Predator on Alien Horse (base peg hole is too big so it does not sit perfectly, could be fixed, also has small break on cloaked head. $300

Gentle Giant Warcraft Lothar 1/6, new sealed, $100

Prime 1 Alien Warrior Wall Art, brand new sealed, I have 2 available, $400/each or both for $700
Prime 1 Arkham Knight Harley Quinn EX, displayed excellent, $700
Prime 1 Batman Dark Knight Returns Bust (black), new sealed $200
Prime 1 Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus, new inspected, small rub on base, $1000 SOLD
Prime 1 Jurassic Park Closed Mouth Raptor, new inspected, $1400 or $1200 w/o signboard
Prime 1 Jurassic Park Open Mouth Raptor, no signboard, small rub area on base, $1000 SOLD
Prime 1 Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus-Rex & Carnotaurus Deluxe Diorama w/ Gyrosphere, new inspected, $1200
Prime 1 LOTR Lurtz Regular, new inspected, $800
Prime 1 Predator City Hunter Wall EX, new inspected, $900 SOLD
Prime 1 Transformers Drift (Last Knight Version), new sealed, $700
Prime 1 Transformers Lockdown & 2 Steeljaws, new inspected, $1200

PCS Mileena MKX 1/3, new inspected/lights tested, $2000

Sideshow 1989 Baman (Batcave base only), kept this to use with my HT QS001, but sold that a while back, new inspected, $400
Sideshow LOTR Dark Rider of Mordor Ringwraith on Horse PF EX, new, inspected $1500
Sideshow LOTR Sauron PF, new, inspected (got a replacement base from SS that is really well painted compared to most production pieces) $1200
Sideshow LOTR Legolas PF EX, new, inspected $300
Sideshow LOTR Lurtz PF EX, displayed excellent, $600
Sideshow LOTR Morgul Lord Witch King EX(small piece broke off fire, looks better w/o IMO, it blocked his helm, but I have piece). $500
Sideshow Predator AvP Spear, new inspected $1000
Sideshow Predator AvP Dagger, new inspected $1000
Sideshow Predator Dutch EX Cigar Smoking Head Only, $150
Sideshow Predator SWS Maquette EX, a couple minor broken dreds, $2000
Sideshow Vampirella PF EX(on skull), displayed like new, $600
Sideshow Vampirella PF EX(newer Artgerm version), new inspected, $800

Weta Bag End Collector Edition (version with visible Interior), displayed excellent $700 SOLD
Weta Bilbo Burglar Contract Life Size Prop Replica, new $350
Weta Lara Croft Life Size Prop Replica bow/arrow, new sealed, $250
Weta Rivendell environment, new inspected, $1400
Weta Orc Hide Helm, displayed excellent, (no shipper), $80
Weta 39 Low Road Hobbit Hole Environment, new sealed, $70
Weta 24 Gandalf's Cutting Environment Hobbit Hole, new sealed, $80 SOLD
Weta 13 Apple Orchard Hobbit Hole Environment, new sealed, $80

The following ones are Local Pickups only for now due to value, size, or no box. I may ship or meet partway if we can work something out:

ARH Medusa Victorious EX, has a couple minor clean breaks that were fixed, no box, $800

Chronicle Breakout Rex prototype (the actual one from their promotional shots/Con booth displays). Fence has a couple missing/broken pieces from all the setups it went to. I am also including a complete regular production version Breakout Rex (with some defects on the rex body, but brand-new perfect fence to use with the proto if you wish) $2,800

Chronicle 1/5 Rex, one of 100 Worldwide made by Elite Creature Collectibles for Chronicle with only 40 sold to the US market(of which I have 2), this one is new sealed $7,500

Chronicle Stargate Horus Bust, one of only 40 made in house by Chronicle in Texas, new sealed, $9,000 (may also sell my displayed Anubis if you want the set)

ECC Life Size Mohawk Gremlin, new sealed. I may keep this for a custom project, but thought I would throw it out there before I decide. $4,000

Hot Toys 89 Batmobile, original version with armor shield(still has plastic cover on), no box, $750

Humawali LOTR 1/4 Cave Troll EX, I can possibly ship this, but it will probably be $1000 just for shipping, It comes in 3 massive boxes. A couple minor issues, should be easy fix. Message for details, $2,000

Iron Studios JP Rex 1/10 Diorama, I have Set A & B. May separate. I also have an extra Explorer with some damage as well as extra pieces without damage. Message me and we can discuss.

Sideshow Dog Alien Maquette, suffered shipping damage and seller flaked out on me, losing a ton on this one, will need repaired(a few clean breaks and one leg broke into multiple pieces (has metal rod for strength, so repair is basically cosmetic), no box, $500

Sideshow Legendary Scale Wolf Predator, super rare Fox Sample, new inspected $3000

Weta Treebeard, Super rare 1 of 13 Artist Proofs of an already rare piece, new sealed $8,500
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