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New Diecast Mark III Iron Man EXCLUSIVE $280 shipped!! Medicom Snape for $120!

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Jul 26, 2011
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Diecast MK III Iron Man EXCLUSIVE (Sealed in Brown Shipper) $280 shipped SOLD
Hot Toys Han Solo and Chewbacca set with set exclusives (Sealed in Brown shipper) $510 shipped. SOLD
Medicom Snape - $120 shipped

All prices INCLUDE shipping. For paypal, please add 4% for fees or send as gift if you trust my feedback. If you want to pay via other methods such as cash, USPS money order, or certified check, I will ship only after it clears my bank. I believe you'll agree these prices are the lowest you'll find for them... if not... PM me and we'll see what we can work out. I tried to find recent sales for these figures and subtracted a good amount from their total!

Hot Toys DX07 Luke Skywalker Exclusive $380 shipped SOLD

Medicom (Reissued version) Darth Maul $110 shipped SOLD

Sideshow Boba Fett Exclusive $180 shipped SOLD

Sideshow Darth Vader Exclusive $160 shipped SOLD

Sideshow General Grievous Exclusive $160 shipped (One corner of the box is ripped) SOLD

Sideshow Yoda: Jedi Master Exclusive $75 shipped SOLD

(Prefer to sell the next 4 as a package)
Sideshow Asajj Ventress Exclusive $70 shipped SOLD

Sideshow Plo Koon Exclusive $50 shipped SOLD

Sideshow Ki Adi Mundi $50 shipped SOLD

Sideshow Kit Fisto $50 shipped SOLD

Sideshow Greedo $110 shipped SOLD

Sideshow Emperor Palpatine and Throne $500 shipped SOLD

Sideshow Jabba the Hutt, Jabba's Throne, Both creature packs, and Bib Fortuna (Bib is missing one of his hands) Everything for $650 SHIPPED!!! SOLD

Sideshow Infantry Battle Droid set $60 shipped SOLD

Tamashii Die-Cast C-3PO $280 shipped SOLD

Brothers Production Inception (Exception) Cobb $140 shipped!

Hot Toys:

HT Davy Jones - $460 shipped SOLD
HT DX06 Jack Sparrow EX - $310 shipped SOLD
HT DX11 Joker 2.0 EX - $400 shipped SOLD

HT Sweeney Todd - $170 shipped SOLD

Hot Toys Star-Lord $250 shipped SOLD

Hot Toys Rocket & Groot Exclusive (Sealed in brown shipper) $330 shipped SOLD

Hot Toys Iron-Man Mark I 2.0 Exclusive $385 shipped SOLD

Hot Toys Iron Monger $440 shipped SOLD

Hot Toys Captain America: The First Avenger $180 shipped SOLD

Jake Sully $150 shipped SOLD
T1 Terminator (MMS 136) $240 shipped SOLD
Black Tumbler (2nd Release) $675 shipped SOLD
Indy (DX05) $240 shipped SOLD
Bank Robber Joker 2.0 (Sealed in shipper) $220 shipped SOLD
Bane $260 shipped SOLD
T2 Terminator (DX10) (Box has rip on one edge) $250 shipped SOLD
Catwoman Exclusive $190 shipped SOLD
Batman (DX12) $280 shipped SOLD
Classic Predator Exclusive $180 shipped SOLD

Hot Toys Diecast Mark XLII $270 shipped. SOLD
Completely unopened, still sealed in brown shipper. Losing out on over $50 on this sale, but I'm looking to make a Iron Man collector happy. :)

Hot Toys Batpod $300 shipped! SOLD
Sideshow Commander Cody regular version $160 shipped! SOLD
Sideshow Sandtrooper Desert Sands Detachment (Deluxe) $160 shipped! SOLD

Medicom Mad Hatter (red costume) $120 shipped!! SOLD
Blitzway Tony Montana Scarface $180 shipped! * SOLD

Hot Toys Red Skull $190 shipped SOLD

Hot Toys Avengers Thor $160 shipped. SOLD
In mint condition! Price is this low because I'm trying to sell him this afternoon! :D

Enterbay Men in Black Agent J and K! $250 shipped SOLD
(Agent J is missing a right trigger hand that grips a pistol.)

Hot Toys Aldo Raine and Hans Landa $400 shipped SOLD
Hot Toys Loki (AVENGERS version) $375 shipped SOLD
Hot Toys Hulk $330 shipped. SOLD
Hot Toys Toy Fair Exclusive Batsuit Begins $300 shipped SOLD
Hot Toys Blade $400 shipped. SOLD
Hot Toys Odin $180 shipped SOLD

Hot Toys Captain America $230 shipped. SOLD
Hot Toys Black Widow $230 shipped. SOLD
Hot Toys Iron Man Mark VII $350 shipped. SOLD

Hot Toys Man of Steel Superman $160 shipped. SOLD
Hot Toys Amazing Spider Man $160 shipped. SOLD
Sideshow Exclusive Padawan Kenobi $110 shipped. SOLD
Enterbay Leon (Slight black mark on top of forehead, hidden by cap) $300 shipped. * *SOLD
ACI Roman General (Gladiator!) $300 shipped * * SOLD
Iminime Equilibirum full set (This is the black suit version. The trigger on one of the guns came off, but it can be easily reglued. Otherwise in mint condition) $380 SOLD
Rainman Driver H&C set $450 or best offer SOLD
Comes with the Driver clothing set and the painted head. But oh wait... and another painted head! The second painted head has one of the bangs removed from the front of his head.

Rainman Bill the Butcher painted head sculpt with Robbie's shoes and hat. Also have Moe's clothing set and coat to go with this on a HT true type body. Only $550. SOLD

Also have an order for Iminime's Kill Bill and Yakuza Queen that I'm taking offers for. SOLD

Rainman Jules and Vince H&C sets. Comes on the Enterbay MIB body and the HT body along with the light up briefcase from Robbie!
$950 SOLD

Taking offers for my Rainman Doc Holliday full set. Yes, this does have Rainman's paint job on the head sculpt that includes awesome sweat details. SOLD

Iminime Lethal Weapon Riggs and Murtaugh set. $750 SOLD

Iminime Star Trek Spock and Kirk. $750. SOLD

Rainman Dude painted head. Waiting on the clothing set from Moe (Already ordered) SOLD

Rainman Milkshake Man painted head. SOLD

Iminime Cowboy DX set. SOLD

Iminime American Psycho "Wallstreet Killer set". SOLD

Iminime Neo set. SOLD

Rainman Anton H&C set with HT body. Comes with an ADDITIONAL gun repaired by Rainman and an ADDITIONAL damaged captive bolt/tank that just needs to be glued back. (Comes with a perfect gun and captive bolt/tank so you basically get some extras) SOLD

Beto Beetlejuice (2nd Run) $920 shipped firm. SOLD
This will be released very soon, but I need to free up some funds. :(

Hot Toys Two Face $375 shipped SOLD
Hot Toys Scarecrow $350 shipped SOLD
Hot Toys Jim Gordon $280 shipped (One of the plastic zip ties is slightly creased if you examine it closely) SOLD

Dragon Astronaut. This is the 2011 updated sculpt of Neil Armstrong. $200 shipped SOLD
Lowest price you'll find anywhere.

DX11 Joker 2.0 Regular $280 shipped SOLD

IM2 War Machine $270 shipped SOLD

IM3 Tony Stark $260 shipped SOLD
It's $290 shipped from Sideshow... so save $30 on a mint condition figure!

QS001 Hot Toys EX Batman 1/4 $600 shipped SOLD

IM2 Mark VI (Left leg is more loose) $380 shipped SOLD

Rescue Captain America $180 shipped SOLD
Blitzway Carlito $170 shipped SOLD
Godfather (Hot Toys) $400 shipped SOLD
Hawkeye $400 shipped SOLD
Nick Fury $290 shipped SOLD
Agent Coulson $190 shipped SOLD
Enterbay (Exclusive) Joker 1/4 $350 shipped SOLD
Thor (from Thor movie) $130 shipped SOLD
Wolverine (Newly released version) $190 shipped SOLD

Spiderman (Red/Blue) $180 shipped SOLD
A few pegs are stuck in the hands, but still in perfect working order.

T2: T-800 $170 shipped SOLD
Some glue residue on the endoskeleton hand.

Bane Body $65 shipped. SOLD
Just the body with no pegs. There is an issue with the left elbow where it pops out.

TTM19 $70 shipped SOLD
Superman $180 shipped SOLD

Tracker, Falconer, AND Berserker Predator! $420 shipped! SOLD
Yes... I'm selling all 3 for $420 shipped! There is a slight paint chip on one of the Berserker's claws for his grasping hand. I believe the Falconer also needs new batteries.

DX08 '89 Joker $210 shipped. SOLD
New Goblin $130 shipped. SOLD
DX09 '89 Batman $250 shipped SOLD
Babydoll $150 shipped SOLD
Ezio (Assassin's Creed) $210 shipped SOLD
IG-88 (Exclusive Ed) $180 shipped SOLD
501st clone trooper $130 shipped SOLD
Captain Rex $130 shipped SOLD
Alice (Resident Evil) $140 shipped SOLD

DX04 Bruce Lee $270 shipped SOLD
Not exclusive, but it does have an extra bloody/beatup Bruce Lee DX04 body. (No uninjured body is included basically, but there are 2 wounded bodies. Lets you properly display 2 Bruce Lees using both head sculpts and one of the outfits since it hides the body anyways!) Warning! The belt clasp on the back is very loose. I recommend either not removing it or securing it with a clip. Very common problem unfortunately.
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Apr 22, 2010
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Re: Cheapest Hot Toys and SSC Star Wars sale!!

Nice prices. Good luck with the sale.


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Jul 26, 2011
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Re: Cheapest Hot Toys and SSC Star Wars sale!!

Someone very lucky. :)

Last call for these items. I'll be leaving tomorrow night for an extended trip so I won't be able to sell/ship anything for quite some time.


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Jul 26, 2011
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Re: Cheapest Hot Toys sale!! Price Dropped!

Cut the prices down even more for the Predators trio. Since I'm paying for shipping, these are easily the cheapest you'll see for them.