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Sep 20, 2012
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Bond could be their main property if they focus on it. As nice as DC is, I'm bored with it.

Gimme a Thunderball red wetsuit Sean Connery any day.
I think they still have a lot they can do with DC personally. Catwoman and Penguin will be huge. I'm not as interested but if they do the other Schumacher villains they’d be cool to at least see. Plus there’s the remaining 66 villains. That’s just Batman too.

Bond is cool but has a more limited appeal to me. I want a Dalton and maybe a Craig. Not sure how many of the villains I’d buy.

Raymond F.

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Dec 20, 2008
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New York, NY
First off; just about anything including most third parties are going to give you something better tailored and higher quality than Big Chief.

Secondly I have to say the Mars Toys sculptor is a killer… incredible likenesses coming down the pipe for them.

Lastly their prototypes look insane great tailoring and presentation and all the characters (at least Batman wise) you’ve wanted for years.

But I have to say I was pretty disappointed in my Prank Villian.

For a third party it’s decent. Higher than a blackbox or present toys but this is a space where you have SooSoo… so the bar is pretty high and it didn’t meat it.

The paint is very flat even for a character with clean makeup you expect more shading and detailing. Again think SooSoo.

And the tailoring is ok but the material choice so bad it ruins it all. And it has very visible doll-like ugly snaps under a much too thick vest.

But amazing accessories and sculpts. And three heads all of which are killer likeness and expressions.

I wish it was ready for the shelf out of the box, but with some work it’s a lot of quality stuff for someone like me who knows how to take something to the next level with a little work and TLC. Even with the clothes which can look as good as say, one of the better hot toys suits (and for the record I think their suits all suck)

So with that said, and that awesome looking render… Let one of the biggest Bond fanatics in this hobby of all time say; bring it on Mars Toys!

Tom Day

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Mar 9, 2015
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On his Facebook page Inigo posted some renders of Blofeld, Brosnan and Q that he had done before BCS shat the bed. Plenty of people asking if he would release them himself.