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Jul 8, 2013
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So I only just found out this section of the forum exists despite being here for years.... I would win no awards for observational skills.... :ROFLMAO:
I wanted to share my collection while I have the pictures - I used these pics in the Inart Batman thread in a discussion about displays and crowdedness, the effectiveness of detolfs etc.

My collection slowly started to take over the living room, so I've now had my collection banished to a single (not that large) room (for the moment.... we will return to reclaim what is ours).
Given the relative lack of space I do what I can and hope it looks good - people always seem impressed when they take the tour.... but I myself wish I had a little more room to spread out and I need to finally figure out a lighting situation (any recommendations?)
I always try to put characters together that make sense or have some sort of common theme, franchise etc.
I have recently lost a couple of cabinets through a series of events I'd rather not get into and started to space my figures among my bookcases (where the themes/books make sense)
So what's your verdict?
Apologies for the pictures inbound both the amount and quality - my camera leaves a lot to be desired and I lack the natural photography skills to compensate.


This is the comic book half of the room - the bookcase and the cabinet next to it are dedicated to Batman, the central cabinet is Marvel characters, the cabinet on the left is an assortment of comic book characters. On top of these detolfs I have my Spiderman villains collection (I now need a Spiderman to go with them)





BookCase shelves: Eaglemoss Batman animated series and Arkham series figurines - I enjoy having something to represent these versions of the characters.
Bookcase top: Prime 1/Blitzway Phoenix Joker deluxe



Cabinet on the right:
Bottom shelf: My Toys Era Humorist and Bullet Head Mentally Ill diorama shelf.
Third shelf: Sideshow Classic Harley, HT Arkham Joker and Mondo Harley Quinn 'Waiting for Mistah J' statue.



Second shelf: My Burtonverse Characters - 1/4 NECA Catwoman and Mayoral Penguin, to accomodate for their height I have the figures on the top shelf standing on an acrylic half-shelf: allowing the Penguin and Catwoman to stand above where the shelf should be.
Top Shelf: HT 1989 Joker, Mime Joker and HT Returns Keaton



Middle Cabinet:
Bottom shelf: My Xmen Shelf - Toys Era 'The Tank' holding a HT Deadpool (who seems to be very happy with being carried like a princess) + Figuremasters Xavier and Magneto - to accomodate Juggernauts enormous height I have placed the shelf above on adjustable detolf pegs/clamps to make the bottom shelf a custom height.
Middle Shelf: HT Thanos, Nebula, Gamora and Yondu - once again to compensate for Thanos' height I used adjustable detolf shelf pegs/clamps.



Top shelf: HT Winter Soldier, Endgame Captain America, Avengers Iron-Man, Infinity War Thor, Dr Strange (solo movie) - having made adjustments for the bottom 2 shelves due to the height of their figures I had now lost a shelf in this cabinet and had a strange amount of space on this shelf using the adjustable pegs. So I used this plus another acrylic half shelf to display more figures and allowing me to pose my Iron Man in mid-flight the difference in height and by putting the 2 figures in the back in the spaces between the 3 at the front I feel (and hope) it shows them all off equally with none of them looking lost or overcrowded. Admittedly my photo here is pretty poor at conveying this as I seem to have held the phone at a lower angle.



Cabinet on the left: dedicated to sort of spill-over from the other 2 cabinets.
Bottom shelf: HT Zod and Art Figure's 'Master of Ocean'
Third shelf: HT Loki and Hela, Soosootoys Classic Trickster



Second Shelf: My Nolanverse villains - HT DX11 Joker 2.0, HT Two-Face, a 1/6 Cillian Murphy Scarecrow HT knockoff I got from ebay
Top shelf: My Justice League/Trinity shelf - HT BVS Batman and Superman, HT JL Wonder-Woman, Eaglemoss justice League figures (I wish I had more room on the comic bookcase for these tbh - does it cheapen the shelf?)


Top of the detolfs: My Spidey Villains - Jazzinc Vulture, Toys Era The Fiend (deluxe) and The Ock, HT Mysterio - hoping to eventually pick up a Spiderman, and that Lizard 3rd party.... not really interested in Elecktro or Venom.

Thoughts so far?


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Jul 8, 2013
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This is the fantasty - LOTR, GOT, HP side of the room




I have a lot more statues and texts in this theme so I decided (especially when several cabinets were destroyed) to intersperse my figures among texts and statues somewhat irregularly to achieve a different effect from the cabinet dominated space of the rest of the room.


On top of the bookcase on the left: Weta Barad-Dur, Witch King and a collection of LOTR sword replicas I found at a market YEARS ago.


Bookcase top-shelf: Asmus Thorin, Young Bilbo, Frodo and Gimli


Left Bookcase Middle-Shelf - Threezero Joffrey, season 1 Jaime (with season 7 Jaime head and gold hand), season 7 Tyrion (and map pieces) with Joffrey crossbow, Xensation Tuwin head on season 7 Jaime armoured body


Left bookcase bottom-shelf: HT Newt Scamander and Gellert Grindelwald




Top of right bookcase - large LOTR statues - Weta Sauron and Balrog (Demon of Flame) and Sideshow Premium Format Saruman, Weta 1/4 helmets of Sauron and Witch King

Top shelf: Replica of the shards of Narsil, Weta Minas Tirith keepsake box, Weta Gollum
Second Shelf: Weta Smaug the Terrible, Asmus Gandalf the Grey
Third Shelf: Eaglemoss LOTR mini figureines - Witch King on Fellbeast, Mumakill, Cave troll


Fourth shelf - Asmus Elven Warrior, Galdriel, Legolas, Theoden, Twilight Witch King, Mouth of Sauron
Bottom shelf: Weta 1/4 Theoden Helmet, eaglemoss Argonath and Minas Morgul statue.


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Jul 8, 2013
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And the section of my room I've affectionately dubbed "the rest" - mostly a mix of properties and themes that don't tie into the other two major sections of the room - I have a cabinet for horror related characters, one for sci-fi-esque characters, a cabinet that divides them that is dedicated to characters that dont fit with the rest any others and a section on top of my last bookcase for more historical/mythological characters.




My TBLeague Egyptian Gods section on top of the corner bookcase - RA (Golden version), Sobek (White version), Anubis (original)


They share a space with my Hot Toys Indiana Jones and I quite like how they look together and I feel like there is somewhat of a connected theme between them - ancient history, mythology. etc.




I Keep my Indy in an old scientific barometer glass box and I blue tacked the map of his journey for the Ark onto the back glass plate, I have also included with both his original accessories like the Idol and plinth, staff of ra etc but also other accessories I've picked up over the years like a 1/6 Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail (which he is holding), the Grail tablet, a 1/6 replica of his fathers grail diary and all its inserts, sankara stones....

On the right is my horror cabinet


On the bottom shelf is my HT Hellboy and Thunder Toys Keanu movie Constantine (deluxe) - I liek them together as comic-based occult detective characters.


Above that is my vampire shelf - which includes a Star Ace Markus statue and Viktor figure from Underworld, Redman Toys Dracula Red, Sideshow Buffy Master, Figuremasters Louis and HT Blade - the Markus and Dracula are on acrylic stands to lift them up. Hoping to catch a Lugosi figure in his coffin and lay him down in front of them all. Also hoping to use fishing wire to hang a David from the Lost Boys figure above them all when I get hold of one - but I need to think about it more.



My Horror Icons shelf - I used the adjustable pegs/clamps for this section in order to give these figures enough froom to display Pennywise on his stand with balloon on an acrylic stand to make sure he is entirely visable - I also gave the vampires far more room below this way.
Blitzway Hannibal, Trick or Treat Studios Michael Myers, Sideshow Freddy, Threezero Hellraiser.


Middle Cabinet Top Shelf: Pirates of the Carribean HT - Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones


Middle Cabinet middle shelf - Breaking Bad - Mars Toys Walter and CGL Toys Jesse - Intend to get the Mars Toys Fring and a Saul, maybe a Mike


Middle cabinet - 3rd shelf - Immortan Joe


Middle Cabinet - bottom shelf - Mondo Rick & Morty deluxe set and Vinyl box set



Right cabinet top shelf - NECA Alien Queen deluxe, HT Alien Ripley and HT Wolf Predator 2.0


Right cabinet second shelf - HT Battle Damaged T2 Terminator


Right cabinet third shelf - HT Mandalorian and Child deluxe set


Right cabinet bottom shelf - Assassins Creed - DAMTOYS Altair and Ezio.

I like my collections and wish I had some more room, a bit of lighting and some nicer shelves for them - but I like to think given my lack of space and funds that I haven't done too bad!


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Aug 14, 2013
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:clap Great collection & display, a really nice mix of characters there - love the LOTR pieces and the HT Newt (one of my personal favourites!) :)


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Jul 8, 2013
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Thanks guys! I really appreciate it! Its nice to share with other people in the hobby! :giggle:

Don't worry @goatchumby - its really secure, the shadow makes the overhang look bigger than it is - its only a few cm and the entirety of the statues weight is on solid ground - hes safe!