Kaustic Plastik / Infinite Statue - 1/6 Hammer Horror of Dracula

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The more I look at that Youtube review of the ToTS version, the more I like that one.

Something about the nose of the Kaustic looks off.
Well, after much waffling back and forth like a wave of the sea, the recent silliness regarding Phantom of the Opera, etc.....I cancelled my order on these. The only character I care enough to jump through hoops for would be when they release their figure of The Wolfman EX. I would pay the horrendous shipping for that one. Sideshow should refund my money next week sometime. I am pretty much being turned off by some of these collectible companies tactics/marketing. Add to that high prices, and inflation....not to mention getting older and having collected for decades, running out of space....and I just am losing the olde school zeal I once had. I shall live vicariously through all of my friends here, so post pictures when you get yours and share for those of us who like to look, but can't always pull the trigger.
First look at production piece

That face looks great...only thing that my eyes are finding a bit odd is the hair. Need to see more.
Found this video on YouTube. Gives a decent view of the figures (doesn't show all the sculpts though)

Looks good so far, need more pics and a look at the other heads + the other accessories/tailoring.
That face looks great...only thing that my eyes are finding a bit odd is the hair. Need to see more.

Kaustic/Infinite hasn't done well with hair painting on any of their figures. I own a few, going back to Clouseau, and the hair is always the weakest area of their work. It's like Sideshow quality from 20 years ago. I don't know why they can't get to work on that aspect of quality, but it's clear that paint apps are their struggling point.
It’s really just the streaks is grey in the hair that are weak. The faces look like they turned out great, which is fantastic. The hair is much easier to improve than face paint.
Not just the streaks, but the crisp hairline and the shiny acrylic looking paint they always use for hair. You can see it in all of their pics where the hair looks like a plastic cap with little detail or variation. It's surprisingly amateurish by today's standards of what to expect for 1:6 figures, even those made by third party companies. Kaustic/Infinite hair always reminds me of Davey from "Davey and Goliath".

Davey and Goliath action figures by Majestic Studios