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For Sale JND, Pheonix/Jean Grey, Batman/Catwoman ft/fs

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Just a little freaky
Mar 30, 2016
Reaction score
All brand new Prices Shipped
Sideshow exclusive jango fett 1/4-$800
Sideshow boba fett-$550
Iron studios joker 1/3-$900
Sideshow Ahsoka tano premium format Mando-$650
Sideshow ahsoka vs maul-$600
Sideshow dark knight returns 1/4-$735
Pcs ghost rider 1/6-$900
Jnd Harley quin-$3,000 briefly displayed
Sideshow black panther-$620
Sideshow boba fett (newest)-$650
Gaming Heads master chief-$550 displayed
Sideshow batman returns batman-$620
Myc Rex-$800
P1 Joker leger 1/3-$1300
Sideshow Galactus-$800
Sideshow General Grievous-$850
Sideshow black widow-$500
Sideshow mythos anakin-$450
Sideshow Cara Dune-$450
Sideshow hulk vs hulkbuster-$1000
Iron studios jabba the hut 1:10-$425
Iron studios boba on throne deluxe-$300
some great pieces here!