Statue Infinity Studio: Batman (Ben Affleck) 1:1 Bust

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Anybody on the forums pick this up?

I've been watching Chris the Batman Statue Collector do a live stream unboxing of this piece. Absolutely bonkers how good statues have gotten. What an incredible piece.

Part of me really wants this, but I just don’t have the space for a further 3 extremely large boxes (on top of my pre-existing 45 preorders...half are Hot Toy figures though).
I did pick this up, one more payment to go and after watching Chris do the live unboxing, my mouth is watering. I ended up swapping my preorder from QS for this version because I wanted the arms and love the Batarang!
I just hope the Cavill bust stays in stock for a while, would love to buy that to complete the set one day.
I'm on waitlist but, if I will be lucky and i will receive the email, i need to check first the shipping cost.
If there are 3 boxes, I expect at least $ 500 for the shipping.
I like it, the lines add texture which looks good on the whole. There are even lines all the way down the cowl. He also looks massive in the video but I know some of that is down to perspective
Pic by Po Ung:

If they did a BVS version, I will be very tempted. I just prefer that cowl over this one.
I bought it from Spec Fiction, got tired of waiting for a new one so ended up getting refunded.
Crazy that was 3 years ago already :oops:
What's funny is that they still have him up for preorder on their site. I don't understand how's this even possible.

Btw, how's their customer service in general? I have never bought from them before and IA Battinson is my first order through them.
Yeah, it's probably still my "replacement" batch lmao.

Name is the game is patience as far as ordering from them.
They are pretty much last to get anything and everything when it comes to overseas pieces.

I have a Queen Studios piece that was supposed to release Q4 last year, then I was told Q1...
then I was told Q2... now I've been told Q3 :(