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Apr 27, 2016
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Prices are shipped, all are brand new, no trades
Threezero Maggie Walking dead-$180
Threezero the hound newest-$205
Hot toys mark 1 diecast-$445
Hot toys king shark-$220
Sideshow leatherface newest-$235
Hot toys kuiil & Blurrg-$500
Hot toys armorized deadpool-$375
Hot Toys Mark v suit up dlx-$400
Hot Toys Mark v suit up reg-$325
Hot toys mech test dlx-295
Hot toys snow suit Black widow-$235
Hot toys doc brown reg-$255

Hot Toys Taskmaster-$205
Hot toys shoretrooper tms031-$185
Hot toys cable-$220
Hot toys vision tms037-$210
Hot toys mando boba fett tms033-$225
Hot toys transport trooper-$185
Hot toys venomized Iron Man-$325
Hot toys winter soldier tms039-$200
Hot toys zombie hunter spidey-$215
Hot toys captain carter-$215
Hot toys artillery trooper-$185
Asmus nazgul-$175
Hot toys white suit black widow-$215
Hot toys blurrg-$265
Hot toys mando and blurrg-$460
Hot toys boba fett 2 pack-$400
Hot toys hydra stomper-$385
Hot toys mando 1/4 deluxe-$500
Hot toys mando 1/4-$425
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