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For Sale Epic Weapons Frostmourne & Wall Mount

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Jul 19, 2016
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Epic Weapons Frostmourne & Wall Mount


Price includes shipping inside the US

It will be shipped in 2 boxes (Sword, Wall Mount).
I would consider international shipping. It will be considerably more money. I would probably build a wooden crate for it.

** PayPal Payments available **
I have a business account with PayPal. You will be sent an invoice and when you click Pay, you should be given options for:
Single Payment
4 pay over 6 weeks
There will also be an option for PayPal credit with 6, 12 and 24 months. All based on your individual account with PayPal and approval through them.

The Sword is in excellent condition. It's been on display in our studio since 2014 (smoke Free).
**There is a small "mark or line" on the blade. I gently dusted the sword and removed finger prints with a new cloth used for Camera lens. The mark is shown in picture 9. It passed the finger nail test. It's surface level. I do not want to try any kind of cleaners etc. I know there are products available for cleaning or polishing Steel. I will leave that to the new owner.

Epic Weapons started selling these back in 2008. If my memory is correct there were 6500 Swords produced.

The Wall Mount was opened for pictures and never used. The "Box" for the Sword is no longer with us. I am constructing a new box with high density foam and a wooden frame... Much better then the two pieces of foam with a "Paper Art Sleeve" and a marginal shipper that it originally was shipped in. Pictures will be provided of the packing process to the new owner as per usual.

The COA, Poster included and pictured.

20220830_114145.jpg 20220830_114154.jpg 20220830_114200.jpg 20220830_114222.jpg 20220830_114229.jpg 20220830_114233.jpg 20220830_121942.jpg 20220830_121956.jpg 20220830_122002.jpg 20220830_122006.jpg 20220830_122020.jpg 20220830_130949.jpg 20220828_171016.jpg 20220830_134806.jpg 20220830_134830.jpg
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