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Aug 16, 2008
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I want to post this to make my message very clear! Look at this program as Yelp for collectors.

Being part of this collecting community has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve met so many great friends and amazing people along the way and I want to try and continue to make a positive influence on this community. YouTube has given me a voice and I want to use that accessibility to give people a voice who may not have a channel to do so.

I have setup a program where I would like fellow collectors to share experiences they have had when buying collectibles. If you’re a collector who has had a good or bad customer service experience whether it be with retailer/distributor, share it here so we can discuss and help educate the community on these company’s business practices and help them improve. It’s important to share both the negative and positive buying experiences with the community so fellow collectors can make a more informed decision. All I ask is that all posts are truthful and respectful.

let’s keep this hobby fun and moving in a positive direction.

Always remeber to collect responsibly 😎


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Oct 16, 2012
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Here are the biggies that I go with. I have lots more for mostly Asia-based vendors, so I might append later:

Sideshow Collectibles
Pros: Excellent customer service.* Never had a problem w/ returns. Only place for certain exclusives. Reward points. Have deals that pop up regularly. Have your US-based Hot Toys before anyone non-international.
Cons: Shipping can be a bit much based on your location. No standard double-boxing on items. Reward points expire.

Pros: Huge variety of inventory (including hard-to-get international stuff. Triple-boxing on figures. Had nothing but great customer service from them. $4 flat rate shipping.
Cons: HT figure availability and delivery speed are not as steadfast as Sideshow. Pricing sometimes increases on certain high-demand items when they hit low-quantity.

Alter Ego Comics
Pros: Rewards, low pricing, great customer service, triple-boxing on figures. More great customer service for a small shop.
Cons: Availability not as fast as Sideshow, low stock numbers

Pop Culture Zone
Pros: Low pricing, triple-boxing on figures, rewards.
Cons: Availability not as fast as Sideshow, HUGE deposit on POs, crummy website :)

*Except that one guy that one time (I'm sure we all have someone like that from SS).