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For Sale 1:6 Scale Star Wars Prints Sale

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Too Much Garlic

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Jul 22, 2010
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Scaled Vader Prints Sale - 1:6 scale, scanned and printed from full scale props:
All original prints from the professional printing company and they come with no rights to reproduce. Please honor that when contacting me.

v1 Vader Print Set - from my original David Laserscanner scans. Needs filling and sanding (lots of sanding) and all the excess on the insides of many of the print files needs to be ground out to finish it. Is smaller than the v2 sets, but will make a pretty decent RotJ style. The reason the dome looks different is because I have primed it after filling and sanding the outer surface - inner surface still needs a lot of work in order for it to sit properly on the face mask. For advanced modelers! $250 + shipping
Consists of:
Face Mask
Chest Armor and Shoulder Bells
Various Chest and Belt Boxes
Various Sabers
Various Accessories - Tusks and Mouth and Chin Vent Grills (Some of the tusk models from the next listing will be included with this one)
, on Flickr
, on Flickr

v2 older Vader Prints - from Mike Warren's scans. Not as perfect as the current v2 and has many small differences. Doesn't need much prep before painting other than figuring out how to get the dome to sit right on the face masks. Pictured are a bunch of Mic Tips (old style) - they will be added to the Stormtrooper helmet sale, so sorry about the confusion. And some of the tusks pictured will go to the v1 purchase. The ANH domes are slightly warped in the sense that they are too tall, too narrow at the sides at the brow ridge and too flared at the bottom skirts. This can potentially be fixed with heat from a hairdryer and then dunk in cold water to retain the new shape - just be careful not to heat the material too much as it may snap.
Additionally, I am offering the only resin dome I printed myself. It has some issues due to not considering the size of the dome being too large for the print plate, but I got it by angling the dome model, but the very bottom tip of the raised dome strip is missing, so needs to be sculpted back on. The dome suffers from slight layer lines because I wasn't as experienced with the resin printer as I am with the FDM, so the surface has to be filled in, then sanded to make it smooth. With the work required, it might pair well with the ESB face mask - just sand down the widows peak, and sand down the return edge on the dome flanges at an inward angle to mimic the ESB look. This is the only DJ scan offering in these print lots.
Consists of:
Dome - ANH - 1 - $50 + Shipping - SOLD
Dome - ANH - 2 - $50 + Shipping - SOLD
Face Mask - ANH - 1 - $50 + Shipping - SOLD
Face Mask - ANH - 2 - $50 + Shipping - SOLD
Face Mask - ESB - $50 + Shipping - SOLD
Dome - ANH - 3 - $25 + Shipping - SOLD
, on Flickr
, on Flickr

v2 newer Vader Prints - from Mike Warren's scans with itsalive rework to make it symmetrical. True Symmetrical Darth Vader Helmet - ANH Style. Cleaned up. Asking $100 + shipping - SOLD
, on Flickr

v2 newer Prints - from Mike Warren's sculpt and scan with Sean Dabbs rework, as well as my own rework and sculpting scars and hair. Cleaned up Dave Prowse heads - 1 reveal style with scars - merged ESB rear head scars with RotJ top head and left cheek scars - and 1 normal with hair. Asking $100 + shipping for the pair - $55 + shipping for individual heads
, on Flickr

v2 newer Prints - from SFS scan and Mike Warren's scans and from Battlefront game. (Will include the older style tusks from the older v2 Vader helmets picture). These have been cleaned up so there are no decals imprints or surface flaws - they are clean and smooth. Only the ANH has faint remnants of the tube stripes, but nothing else.
ANH - SFS - scanned from original helmet - $55 + shipping - SOLD
RotJ - TE (ESB mkII) - scanned from casting of original helmet - $55 + shipping - SOLD
RotJ - Battlefront Menu helmet - scanned from original helmet - $55 + shipping
, on Flickr
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