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  1. j97e1

    Haslab: Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Proton Pack

    This thing weights a ton. Don't know how will cosplayers pull it off.
  2. j97e1

    1/6 ThreeZero - Game of Thrones - Khal Drogo

    Heh how much, maybe I'll buy it from you.
  3. j97e1

    All versions of Homelander - 1/6th scale collectible figure

    What is a 'Masterriece'?????? "..An young rich production.."..... 'An'??? And what is "the seven Homelander" ?
  4. j97e1

    1/6 Hot Toys MMS - Star Wars: Episode II AOTC - Jango Fett

    Nice figure, but 'Figure of the year'? Not with that 'lightbulb' head, nor the sculpt. Any of the clone sculpts would have been better.
  5. j97e1

    Hot Toys - TMS035 - Bo-Katan Kryze (The Mandalorian Season 2)

    Don't care. The 'fever' is gone.
  6. j97e1

    Hot Toys - TMS035 - Bo-Katan Kryze (The Mandalorian Season 2)

    Cancelled mine. There will be an updated one for Mando3 I bet, so no big loss. Just got tired waiting.
  7. j97e1

    PureArts: Batman Returns - Catwoman 1:1 Scale Mask Replica

    I would like to buy the chick in the video. You know, to display the mask better...
  8. j97e1

    1/6 Hot Toys Chrome Stormtrooper

    Where do u find this QR ?
  9. j97e1

    1/6 Premier Toys - The Marauder (Mad Max 2 Wez)

    I find it the less I come to this forum, the less I spend on impulse purchases. Dammit why did I have to come in here today…..
  10. j97e1

    Statue MYC Sculptures Statues

    I think some had pockets:
  11. j97e1

    NECA Jaws

    If anyone is interested in these – Crisp Collectibles has them for the lowest price and the packing job is immaculate. Plus you get a 15% off coupon with your item and right now there’s 10% off site-wide I believe.
  12. j97e1

    Predator 5 - Prey (2022)

    The mask looks like it's made out of a skull of another ferral.
  13. j97e1

    Predator 5 - Prey (2022)

    Looks like all predators, regardless of era or tech, use same alphabet. It's on his wrist rig.
  14. j97e1

    Predator 5 - Prey (2022)

    Not everything that was wrong with the movie. Just what was wrong with the predator design. By repositioning the upper mandibles and eyes, plus a few added details, he made him more in line with other predators most of us know and love.
  15. j97e1

    Predator 5 - Prey (2022)

    The basic design is same, he just repositioned the mandibles and eyes. I'm not good at this, so here is a BAD mockup:
  16. j97e1

    Predator - PLASMA CASTER CANNON Limited Edition Prop Replica by HCG

    This year it is the 35th Anniversary of the original Predator movie. To celebrate this milestone Hollywood Collectibles Group has, for the first time ever, accurately recreated the Predator’s Plasma-caster cannon as a Licensed 1:1 Scale Prop Replica. This intricately detailed, Museum Quality...
  17. j97e1

    Predator 5 - Prey (2022)

    That was my thought too. The eyes are too far apart, makes him look dumb, or insect like. Would have looked much better if the eyes were positioned closer to each other, and a bit sunken.