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  1. Hoody999

    Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Mandalorian

    OK so this is unbelievable !!! Going to look very cool !! Who's going to get this ?
  2. Hoody999

    Speculation - Next Hot Toys Clone Wars Figures

    So pick your pick for the next Hot Toys Clone Wars figures. Surely they'll do a few more Commanders.... (after Cody :nana:) there's some cool ones. Then of course the trooper to go with them. How deep will they go ? Who are the "mainstream" Commanders they'll most probably make ? Deviss has...
  3. Hoody999

    1/6 Hot Toys Black Widow - White Suit

    Looking pretty awesome !! From Hot Toys own virtual con event Ohh there's gonna be some hate for this. For a museum pose it's fine though I reckon.
  4. Hoody999

    1/6 Hot Toys BW Movie Taskmaster

    So this looks interesting !! From Hot Toys own virtual Con Video here. At about the 29 minute mark
  5. Hoody999

    Hoody999's Hive of Scum and Villainy : 1/6 Star Wars Customs

    So after marvelling at the Star Wars custom creations of D.R.37, Son of Dengar, Darkness Predator, Chakaman, Slikkerias, Cagoda and Talibane (sorry if I missed someone) I decided to try my hand at a couple of figures which Hot Toys foolishly skipped over..... First up is my Rogue One Tank...
  6. Hoody999

    Hot Toys Disney+ Figures "The Mando" + "Cassian" + "Kenobi" + "The Book of Boba Fett"

    Hot Toys Disney+ Figures "The Mando" + "Cassian" + "Kenobi" + "The Book of Boba Fett" So, if Hot Toys has the license for Star Wars does this mean they will be able to also do figures from The Mandolorian ? Would you buy figures from a Star Wars TV series ? As this appears to be initially set...
  7. Hoody999

    SDCC 2018 Hot Toys News and Pics

    All, I though it would be good to have a thread for Hot Toys SDCC 2018. A place to post photos and thoughts about new Hot Toys figures shown at SDCC 2018. Particularly good for people who cannot attend and for people who are there to hopefully post some pictures or videos and impressions. I...
  8. Hoody999

    Hot Toys MMS-xxx Lando Calrissian

    OK I think after Solo and the rumours of Billy Dee reprising his role as Lando in Ep9 I think the chances of HT doing an OT Lando are pretty high. I also think SDCC might be the place which HT decide to show him. What would be really cool would be a total surprise reveal at SDCC. It would...
  9. Hoody999

    SUPERMAD TOYS Blade Hunter 2046

    Wanted to discuss this Bladerunner 2049 Figure, but there was no thread ! Looks to me to be the best headsculpt and best set with plenty of extras out there, (once it releases in Q3). Anyone else getting this ?
  10. Hoody999

    Action Figure Speculation - Deadpool 2 Hot Toys Figures

    Couldn't find a thread for Deadpool 2 Hot Toys figures. Really hope they make some figures from this movie. I would love another go at Deadpool (missed first one) and would also be interested in Cable to have on the shelf as a pair. What do you think ? Will they release an improved Deadpool...
  11. Hoody999

    1/6 New York Comic Con Star Wars 1/6 Figure Releases

    Wonder what we'll see at New York Comic Con next week ?? Do Hot Toys typically show any new figures at this event ? I know it is pretty small. I see Sideshow are there. So I guess there could be a chance of some new figures. Certainly good timing for TLJ. Is anyone going ?
  12. Hoody999

    1/6 Why no love from Hot Toys for Rogue One, Cassian, Baze and Saw Gerrera ?

    So I thought now was an appropriate time to start this action as we've seen no indication from Hot Toys at SDCC of Krennic, Cassian or Baze figures. These are key characters to the Rogue One film and are needed for collector's to round out the main cast. Are they simply skipping them leaving...
  13. Hoody999

    1/6 Star Wars Celebration Figure Pics & Discussion

    Thought it would be great to have one place where visitors to Celebration could post some pics or videos of new Hot Toys or Sideshow figures for everyone else. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Hoody999

    Speculation: Hot Toys "Solo" Movie Figures

    I was thinking that this new Han Solo movie has the potential for some seriously cool aliens. When you think of the dodgy places that Han and Chewie would be hanging out in. We've got to get some cool alien 1/6 figures from Hot Toys. Who knows, maybe they will re-use some of the characters...