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  1. ironmann

    For Sale Sideshow Batman Arkham Asylum EXCLUSIVE Premium Format - Custom painted

    For sale- Custom painted EX batman Arkham Asylum premium format. $600 plus shipping & fees US shipping only.
  2. ironmann

    For Sale Delete please

  3. ironmann

    Please delete

    Looking for Mondo GOW figure - Deluxe or regular. US only.
  4. ironmann

    For Sale Delete please

  5. ironmann

    WTB - War story Immortal hero

    Looking for this figure. complete with box.
  6. ironmann

    For Sale Threezero First blood Rambo

    $200 shipped. Displayed short time with one pose. Complete,box.
  7. ironmann

    For Sale Please delete

  8. ironmann

    Visited fun places in Korea

    I took a trip to Korea and I went to fun places Hot toys in shopping mall, Toysrus and Huniversal Studio. Yes Toysrus and they displayed Hottoys too. Also they have big gundam sections. -Toysrus
  9. ironmann

    Blitzway×5Pro studio Carbotix

    I have not much idea about this but looks so good. I took pics from Seoul comic con
  10. ironmann

    Cool marvel custom

    This is not my channel, it belongs to this awesome guy I met at Seoul PopCon! His name is IronDaddy and this is his channel. Check it out!
  11. ironmann

    WTB Prime1 Bumblebee from bumblebee movie

    Looking for Prime1 studio Bumblebee (battle damaged or clean) from bumblebee movie.
  12. ironmann

    WTB : Hot toys 12" Apexplores

    I'm looking for HT apexplores Adam figure by Winson Ma. ( orange or White jacket) If you have it, let me know. Thanks.
  13. ironmann

    For Sale Moved

  14. ironmann

    For Sale Hot toys Spider-Man (Anti-Ock Suit)

    Got this couple days ago and displayed one day in detolf and back to package. I took out figure only from the box. not comes with brown shipping box. color box is great shape and basically brand new figure condition. $220 included CONUS shipping and paypal fees. This is regular edition NOT...
  15. ironmann

    For Sale 1/4 NECA Ironman mk43

    NECA 1/4 ironman Mark 43 Displayed but never turned on all lights. still battery block plastics are there. Comes with original color box. $90 + PP +Shipping US shipping only
  16. ironmann

    For Sale Delete

  17. ironmann

    WTB: ThreeA Dark of the Moon 19" Optimus Prime

    Jut got one from ebay. No more looking.
  18. ironmann

    WTT:HT Deadpool MMS 347 Want to trade for ToyWorld TW F09 Optimus Prime or Threezero

    Looking to trade for ToyWorld TW F09 Freedom Leader Optimus Prime or Threezero Optimus Prime figure Only missing magazine from one pistol No original shipper box but I can send with other HT shipper box