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  1. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus Toys - 1/6 Arwen 2.0

    Well, since Asmus has confirmed ... might as well start a thread for her! Which outfit do you want to see? Personally, I'd love to see the deep blue dress with the red sleeves.
  2. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus - 1/6 Gollum/Smeagol

    Welp. Seems like it's official! Everyone's favorite skulking gangrel creature with the ill-favoured look is on the way! This from Asmus in the Helms Deep Aragorn thread: :clap:gollum::ring:clap
  3. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus - 1/6 Black Gate Aragorn

    From the Star Ace Black Gate Aragorn thread. Well, if you insist ... :lol Anything you'd like to add, Asmus?
  4. Bucky Underbelly

    ThreeZero - 1/6 Game of Thrones - Arya Stark (S8)

    Looking good so far! Blown up a bit ...
  5. Bucky Underbelly

    ThreeZero - 1/6 Game of Thrones - Tormund Giantsbane

    Surprise! Just when you thought the line might be slowing to a stop. This was posted in the general 3Z thread, but I suppose he deserves his own.
  6. Bucky Underbelly

    Spam in the PM in-box?

    Got what was clearly a spam message in my PM mailbox today. I didn't open it. Deleted and blocked the sender. Seems pretty clearly to be a bot, though. Anybody else ever have this happen? I've seen threads spammed in years past, but I don't think I've ever had my PMs spammed.
  7. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus 1/6 Lord of the Rings - Faramir

    Looks like Faramir is happening ... and maybe sooner than we thought. So I figured he might as well have a thread waiting for him when he gets here. (This was mentioned in the Gandalf the White (Crown) thread.)
  8. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus - Gandalf the White - Crown Line

    Looks like Gandalf the White will be up next in the Crown line. From the Elrond thread ... Given how much Asmus has improved since the beginning of this line when the original was released, I"m really looking forward to this upgrade.
  9. Bucky Underbelly

    18" Iron Throne - Dark Horse

    So we have a new Iron Throne from Dark Horse. Looks like it might be a little bigger than their previous version? I'm not sure. I'd have to measure mine when I get home from work. Looks like it's roughly 1/6 scale, though. But that price ... ouch...
  10. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus Toys - Twilight Witchking 1/6

    First look ... In case you can't see the pic, here it is:
  11. Bucky Underbelly

    ThreeZero - 1/6 Night King

    He's on display at SDCC ... Here's the full video posted by Sideshow of their pieces on display ...
  12. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus Toys: Galadriel

    Asmus confirmed today that they're working on her. I'm hoping for a dio with her mirror and pitcher. What are you guys thinking/hoping to see?
  13. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus Toys: Elrond

    Asmus has confirmed they're working on him, so let's start a thread! Any guesses on the outfit? I'm betting it'll be his Dol Guldur armor from The Hobbit or the Last Alliance armor from the Fellowship prologue. Though, I'd be perfectly fine with his Council of Elrond robes.
  14. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus Toys - Azog the Defilier 1/6

    Since work on him has been officially confirmed, I suppose this big nasty should have his own thread now ...
  15. Bucky Underbelly

    Asmus Thorin 1/6 Figure

    So I figured this could use it's own thread. Asmus has confirmed they're working on Thorin. I assume, since his beard is short it will be sculpted? Probably? And rooted hair? What about the body? New? Or a modified hobbit body? (Seems to me, it would need to be pretty heavily...
  16. Bucky Underbelly

    Advice needed: How to fix broken metal parts?

    Does anyone have any tips for repairing broken metal parts? I have one of the really rare 1/4 scale metal Sideshow WitchKing Crowns from back in the day. And like an idiot, I dropped it. Three of the four long spikes snapped off. (They're really thin). I've tried several different types...
  17. Bucky Underbelly

    Advice Needed - Where/How To Sell Off Collectibles?

    I've been collecting things for about 40 years. And once every decade or so, I usually go through a fairly substantial purge to thin out the physical and mental clutter and clear the decks. Well, over the last ten or so years, my collection has once again far outgrown my available display...
  18. Bucky Underbelly

    Game of Thrones - Winterfell Desktop Environment

    I'm a huge fan of the Weta (and Sideshow/Weta) LotR/Hobbit Environment statues, so when I heard this might be coming, I got excited. But, based on this photo and the price ... my enthusiasm has dimmed considerably. Game of Thrones Winterfell Desktop Statue - Factory Entertainment - Game of...
  19. Bucky Underbelly


    Not sure if folks know about this or not, but since it's one of my top three all-time favorite movies I thought I'd share. It's not showing everywhere and they're only doing a four screenings over two days, but I would guess most folks haven't seen this on the big screen. JAWS: 40th...
  20. Bucky Underbelly

    Rooted Hair: Future of the Hobby?

    There's been some lively debate going over on the ACI Aragorn thread about rooted vs. sculpted hair. So I thought it might be good to expand some of the more general discussion out of that figure's thread. Seems like an important enough topic to warrant its own space. (Apologies if there's...