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    WTB Hot Toys Leia ESB Hoth

    Prefer new or no issues. Shipping to California.
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    Hot Toys Obi Wan ROTS

    Complete mint condition please. Im in CA.
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    FS. Captian America's and others

    Avengers Captain America compete with shipper. I coated the normal shield so no chipping on it. Figure was displayed then stored away. $220 Golden Age Captain America. Figure is complete with artbox but no shipper. Itll be shipped in another shipper. $300 Civil War Ant Man complete with shipper...
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    Hot Toys MK 45 & CW Hawkeye

    MK 45 lights work, is complete with no brown shipper so airbox got some shelfware $400 + shipping SOLD CW Hawkeye a little T looking thing broke off from the side of the bow otherwise figure is complete with box and shipper $200 + shipping
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    WTB Hot Toys Hawkeye Civil War figure complete

    Unbroken condition. In the U.S.
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    WTB Star Lord Vol2 and Infinity War stands

    Looking for Star Lord doesn't matter if its deluxe or regular as long as its minty and the Vol 2 version, I'm not interested in the first movie version. ĺAlso need about 3 Infinity War stands. Shipping will be to California
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    couple of HTs for sale

    I'll be slowly selling off my collection. All were displayed in museum poses in a detolf,are complete and with shipper unless noted. All were purchased from either BBTS or Sideshow so the BBTS Hot Toys will have the yellow sticker on the top of the shipper. All prices are before shipping, I'm...
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    WTB: 2 Hot Toys Civil War Iron Man side "red" stands

    can be from either B Widow or B Panthor just need 2.
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    FS: Hot Toys BC Armored Batman, Avengers Thor, Ant-Man

    All prices shipped in the 48 states only. PP is extra or send as gift. Hot Toys Black Chrome Armored Batman $250 SOLD Hot Toys Avengers Thor(has a small blemish on silver armor) not sure if I have shipper so Ill say no shipper $110SOLD Hot Toys Ant-Man(not the Civil War version) $210 Hot Toys...
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    HT Winter Sildier Nick Fury

    Displayed in detolf, comes with artbox and shipper. $155 shipped and pp. Pics later.
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    WTB MoS Superman

    Anyone want to sell a "minty" MoS Superman looking at $150 range shipped.
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    Ht Toys Reissue Mark IV Is this new?
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    FS: CW Cap, CW Cap parts

    Hot Toys Civil War Captain America displayed. Complete with brown shipper $190 shipped gift or $195 goods Civil War Cap body $50 shipped Civil War Cap pants $20 shipped Civil War Hands and boots $25 shipped Civil War Cap belt $15 Civil War Cap top vest has some factory glue stains from the...
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    Websites besides BBTS that sells HT

    I had an issue with BBTS where they didn't want to exchange a Hot Toys with a defect(CS told me to sell it), anywhere else I can buy HT that is comparable to BBTS besides SS(I have to pay state sales tax with SS)?
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    Having trouble with BBTS customer service

    Anybody deal with BBTS lately regarding a replacement. Bought a ht Cap from them, came damaged and they don't want to replace it just giving me wordy responses telling me too bad. Is this a policy shift, has anybody else have trouble with replacements? I always had great BBTS CS but hit a brick...
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    WTB Golden Age Captain America

    Can be displayed but please in mint condition. Im in CA.
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    Hot Toys STEALTH Cap

    Don't need the box just as long as its unmodified and complete mint. These go brand new for $204 on BBTS so no offers near this price as I would just buy brand new. Please include PP and shipping in offer. Thanks.
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    Hot Toys Avengers Nick Fury outer coat

    If you have one for sale PM me only the official HT coat please not the ACPlay one.
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    ACPlay reproductions clothes quality

    Hi, how is the clothes quality compared to Hot Toys on Nick Fury's long coat for example? Is it comparable for a replacement if the original is damaged?
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    Avengers Hawkeye first movie

    Must not have underarm stains.