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  1. Astra

    Astra's action figures in action

    I wanted to have a place for all my pictures from different fandoms. Here are some I recently took with Kirk and Spock: Scene from "This Side Of Paradise": Scene from "Requiem for Methuselah": Making music: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Star Trek":
  2. Astra

    Mega Bloks Star Trek TOS sets and ships

    I looked but I couldn't find a thread about the new Mega Bloks Star Trek line. Apologies if there already is one. But I think they are very new, the first two sets - bridge and transporter room - are already available. Many more are expected in the fall, also complete ships. I always wanted a...
  3. Astra

    Hiya from Germany

    Hiya! I'm Astra from Dresden, Germany. Former Eastern Germany, to be precise. Looking back, I always had a love for figures and miniatures, but back then there wasn't much in the ways of merchandise like it is now. I'd say my first collection as a kid was of rubber native Americans. I did in...