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  1. Bilbo Skywalker

    Questions for Asmus

    Same! My first ever 1/6 figure too. Think they nailed the rooted version.
  2. Bilbo Skywalker

    Hot Toys 1/6 Death Trooper (Black Chrome) Exclusive

    I think the Clone “chrome” looks the best out of the three in Justin’s review. Which is the only place I’ve seen all three lined up.
  3. Bilbo Skywalker

    WETA: Sauron 1/6 - 2021

    Wow. Great review! Saurons armor and design is so awesome. Glad weta knocked it out of the park. Do you have any other large weta pieces?
  4. Bilbo Skywalker

    Can't Decide Between The Two?

    @WtchKng friendly heads up then. It’s not just space for the statue. It’s space for the HUGE packages as well. I collected 1/6 and even have some large ucs Lego sets. That didn’t prepare me for statue packages lol. I currently have escape off the road, Bilbo in bag end and Sauron. Those three...
  5. Bilbo Skywalker

    1/6 Asmus Toy - The Lord of The Rings - Nazgûl 2.0 Collectible Figure

    Anyone order 9 of these? Lol. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 9 1/6 Nazgûl in all their glory.
  6. Bilbo Skywalker

    Increasing prices and customers

    Great points! It’s an interesting topic.
  7. Bilbo Skywalker

    WETA: Sauron 1/6 - 2021

    Looks amazing. Can’t wait to open mine. How was attaching the cape? Mine will be sealed for a bit so I can’t check but a few collectors in other forums mentioned the cape not fitting all the way and leaving a gap.
  8. Bilbo Skywalker

    Increasing prices and customers

    I’d respectfully disagree. I think there will always be a minority who buy figures/statues etc. Luxury car and watch collectors are a very different bunch compared to figure collectors. (I work in finance and that’s exactly the type of people who collect watches and designer). I still have...
  9. Bilbo Skywalker

    1/6 Hot Toys - CMS 011: Boba Fett Arena Suit (Toy Fair 2022 Exclusive)

    Or perhaps people aren’t hitting the pre-order button like they used to. So put out a non-essential exclusive, but that’s really cool and will be sought after. Underproduce it, and hopefully it makes people pre-order on day one going forward.
  10. Bilbo Skywalker

    Hot Toys 1/6 Clone Trooper (Chrome Version) Exclusive

    Week is rough. I was just charged this morning. Didn’t ship though.
  11. Bilbo Skywalker

    Can't Decide Between The Two?

    I have Weta on pre order because I prefer 1:6 scale and Weta. Is Sauron your favorite character? The prime piece is a beast of a statue and will draw a lot of your attention. It’s more of a center piece compared to Weta’s version IMO.
  12. Bilbo Skywalker

    1/6 Hot Toys MMS - Episode III ROTS Anakin Skywalker (Dark Side) Collectible Figure

    I’d sell mine with deluxe obi wan from e3 for that. Wow.
  13. Bilbo Skywalker

    Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi - 1/6th scale Darth Vader™ Figure

    No issues on any of my pleather. Rogue one and 1/4 are in museum poses and still look brand new. 40th is boxed but I assume fine. I try to keep humidity around 40-50% though. @Enkinen
  14. Bilbo Skywalker

    Weta - LOTR : The Dead Marshes (Masters Collection)

    I ordered it. Probably will start to sell off my 1/6 figures to make space. To insane of a piece to miss out on. Will post pictures in a year lol. Idt there is an escape off the road thread, I have a few decent shots I think.
  15. Bilbo Skywalker

    Asmus - Gandalf the White - Crown Line

    Best prototype from asmus ive seen. Great job!