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  1. roninjai

    HK Post Tracking?

    Hey, I just bought a Maxnut headsculpt, and it's being sent via HK Post. I've ordered more than a few things from overseas in the time of 'Rona, and while the tracking info hasn't been great, it's been serviceable. HK Post though just seems to be hot garbage. Is this the norm for them? EDIT...
  2. roninjai

    1/6 Art Figure AF026 - The Mercenary

    The 1/6th scale The Mercenary Collectible Figure specially features: 1. Authentic and detailed likeness of the character in the movie 2. Newly developed head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression with detailed skin texture 3. Newly designed figure with over 30 points of...
  3. roninjai

    Armor Wars (Speculation) Hot Toys 1/6

    After the announcement yesterday, and with how much HT loves it's armors, we know they're coming. So what do we think? Maybe the Iron Patriot Mk2 in WM colors as the Mk 7? Maybe a Sam Rockwell Justin Hammer? Holographic Tony Stark? (You know this one is coming :lol.)
  4. roninjai

    3D Printing Headsculpts

    Title. There was some talk on el1ev1en's IG about 3D printing headsculpts. Using 3rd party printing services and what not. Has anyone attempted this? I don't have a 3D printer, but I do have the ability to create 3D sculpts, and I have a few in my "want" list that would be viable candidates...
  5. roninjai

    Attaching 3rd party head.

    Hi all. I purchased this head and I'm looking to attach it to the 3rd party body, but it doesn't seem to be that simple. Before I go and do what I think will work, wanted to ask if I was missing anything as this is my first custom 1/6 build. (FWIW, the body has a neck cavity with a ball joint...
  6. roninjai

    ArtFigure AI-006 1/6 Scale Arms Dealer (Ulysses Klaue)

    The 1/6th scale Arms Dealer Collectible Figure Specially Features: Authentic and detailed likeness of Arms Dealer in the movie. Newly developed body with over 30 points of articulation. Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable hands including: One (1) replaceable prosthetic arm One (1) pair of...