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  1. Stryker2011

    Custom Han Solo (Star Wars - A New Hope) head sculpt

    Final render. Neck removed to be sized for the HT New Hope body.
  2. Stryker2011

    1/6 Hot Toys WandaVision - Vision

    Received mine today. Very cool figure.
  3. Stryker2011

    Custom Han Solo (Star Wars - A New Hope) head sculpt

    If anyone is interested this head will be available for anyone who wants one. Just PM me for details (I’ll need an accurate count before the casting process begins).
  4. Stryker2011

    Custom Han Solo (Star Wars - A New Hope) head sculpt

    Hi, Not sure it's allowed, but I decided to go ahead and commission a new head sculpt for Han Solo, since I didn't care much for either of the Hot Toys versions for the original, and best Han Solo (H.F.). And I missed out on the JNIX sculpt. Here's the progress pics so far. Without hair...
  5. Stryker2011

    Hot Toys 1/6 Nevarro Imperial Safehouse Diorama

    I’d buy her, as long as she was the original.
  6. Stryker2011

    [Dark Toys] Axel Foley From Beverly Hills Cop

    That’s been my experience. Once things go up, I don’t usually hear anything more about them until I get an invoice.
  7. Stryker2011

    EXO-6 Star Trek "First Contact" figures

    Or the Borg Queen. Either would be great.
  8. Stryker2011

    1/6 Hot Toys- Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)- Thor: Love and Thunder

    This looks like a Toy, not a “High-End Collectible.”
  9. Stryker2011

    EXO-6 Star Trek "TOS" Figures (The Original Series)

    Very sad. RIP, Ms. Nichols.
  10. Stryker2011

    1/6 Hot Toys - WW1984 - Wonder Woman (Golden Armor) Collectible Figure

    That’s awesome, csyeung. Beautiful photos, as well.
  11. Stryker2011

    DJ Custom Leon (The Professional) 1:6

    Martin Blanke would be awesome. Love that movie.
  12. Stryker2011

    EXO-6 Star Trek “Deep Space Nine” Figures

    That looks really good.
  13. Stryker2011

    Questions for Asmus

    I’m more interested in Lurtz. We need that bad hombre.
  14. Stryker2011

    Statue Infinite Studio: Bud Spencer as Bambino (They Call Me Trinity) 1:6

    Was finally able to track one of these figures down. Looking forward to adding him and Terence to my Western collection.
  15. Stryker2011

    EXO-6 Star Trek "The Next Generation" Figures

    He had the ponytail from season 6 onward on TNG, then continued into DS9.
  16. Stryker2011

    EXO-6 Star Trek "The Next Generation" Figures

    I’ll take Ponytail Worf over Aunt Susan Worf any day. ^ BIG HELL NO!!
  17. Stryker2011

    D.R.37's Cargo Hold: 1/6 Star Wars Mods & Customs

    Looks really cool. Perfect upgrade.