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  1. chrisstbh

    Avatar TLA Sequel Movie | 2024
  2. chrisstbh

    Star Ace Starlight The Boys Amazon Prime 1/6 figure

    Oh boy here we go again.
  3. chrisstbh

    Hot Toys T'Challa Star Lord 1/6 Figure What If...?

    Yeah... I dunno about this one.
  4. chrisstbh

    Sideshow Yoda Legendary Scale Figure

    Man, Yoda has been tanning hard :lol :lol :lol
  5. chrisstbh

    Rumoured Jedi Fallen Order Disney+ show
  6. chrisstbh

    The Callisto Protocol (Dead Space spiritual successor)

    Since there's a good few horror fans here. Essentially a Dead Space spiritual successor from Glen Schofield
  7. chrisstbh

    Thunder Toys Black Suit Spider-Man 3

    Whats with the massive forehead :lol :lol :lol
  8. chrisstbh

    Gotham Knights | The CW

    Time to have a good laugh everyone.
  9. chrisstbh

    HASLAB | Star Wars The Black Series Reva (The Third Sister) Force FX Elite Lightsaber

    Now you can pay $500 for the lightsaber of a character you don't like!