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  1. ironwez20

    Sony making fan favorite El muerto film.

    Finally! Played by bad bunny! Avi arad can’t do no wrong! Give this man a freaking raise. Sony is coming for Disney’s ass!
  2. ironwez20

    Threezero naruto

    I personally can’t wait. Here is the announcement
  3. ironwez20

    New Bay produced Ninja Turtles reboot That’s right. Why not go at it again right? Just make the turtles look good and I’ll be happy. Not monstrous shrek hulks. Thanks
  4. ironwez20

    Media Robinson the journey (ps4 game)

    Robinson The Journey Trailer (PlayStation VR) (Crytek) [Dinoasaurs] - YouTube Thank you Jurassic world for making dinosaurs cool again. This looks amazing!
  5. ironwez20

    The Official Medicom Anime figure Thread

    Ok so since we dont have one of these I thought we should make one. Medicom is great at making 1/6 scale anime figures and they've improved over the years. Pretty much the best 1/6 scale anime company out now. I'm hoping we get more anime figures as we go down the road mainly from...
  6. ironwez20

    Best Gaming Quotes and Moments

    My favorite quote would have to be Vaas's when He says take me into your heart. Accept me as your savior and let me be reborn and my favorite moment his probably Kingdom hearts 2 fighting the army of heartless.
  7. ironwez20

    Warner Bros. Present Dying Light I didn't see a thread on this at all. Look like dead island but in the city of some sort. Guess we will wait for E3 to find out.
  8. ironwez20

    Disney Abandons hand drawn animation

    Seems like its over:cuckoo:. Some of there most popular characters were hand drawn. Hope i can put this here
  9. ironwez20

    Beware The Batman

    Didnt see this posted anywhere but a new Batman show is coming this spring and will be, Very new to what we've seen. A gun toting Alfread NO JOKER. Plus Non of the other rogues. They want to add lesser known characters pretty much becuase "There are to many Joker stories". No robin. But...
  10. ironwez20

    Disney X CLOT X HOW2WORK Mickey mouse.

    Have any of you guys seen the 1/6 scale mickey ? I have no idea where to get one but this looks very awesome from the pic's Very cool. Anybody know about this.
  11. ironwez20

    Hot toys Ghost Rider !!!
  12. ironwez20

    Does anyboy know where i can get somthin custumed

    i'm trying to get somthing custumed i really want sombody to make a figure in hot toys size can anybody tell me where i can ask someone to custumize somthing for me.