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  1. Cagoda

    Cagoda's Customs Cantina

    Hey everybody! Finally got around to making my own thread! I figured I could just aggregate my pics here and update as needed. The Tessek pictures are my most recent work- I want to make kits for those that want them. If anyone is interested in Amanaman also, send me a PM! Credit to Son of...
  2. Cagoda

    1/6 Custom Pote Snitkin

    Hola! I just wanted to share with the board progress on my custom Pote Snitkin. This is my first attempt at sculpting, seeing what Hot Toys produces and other custom works has made me *super jealous* and want to learn. I figured this would be a good place to help because I know some members are...
  3. Cagoda

    Selling Kit Fisto and Exclusive Leia Boushh

    Due to the economic times, I decided to get rid of some of my collectibles. I want to give any Freaks first dibs on these before ebay, so I'm selling my SSC Kit Fisto (regular version) and exclusive Princess Leia as Boushh. Both still have their original packaging but I had opened them at one...