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  1. Cagoda

    okieh2 collection and customs / Luke from Mandalorian

    That Garindan rocks!!! I need to know how you did that lol
  2. Cagoda

    Cagoda's Customs Cantina

    For Kithaba I updated the belt, stuffed the pouches, and made leather boots. Pants are just a stand in because I'm adding the black stripe to his red pants.
  3. Cagoda

    Cagoda's Customs Cantina

    Pagetti Rook update. Gotta paint the head and hands and root/braid the hair.
  4. Cagoda

    Hot Toys 1/6 Darth Vader figure | Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+

    To be fair, during the duel it was rough and coarse and got everywhere.
  5. Cagoda

    Hot Toys 1/6 Darth Vader figure | Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+

    As long as they have a switch out head, cape, and chest box that should cover all the damage he received. It would be cool if they did a two pack with diaper burn victim Vader and clean/damage switch out Vader.
  6. Cagoda

    Star Wars 1:6 scale builds.

    Excellent work!
  7. Cagoda

    Cagoda's Customs Cantina

    Thanks everyone!! Heiko- yeah I make them myself! I made the leather boots and 3D sculpted/printed the belt buckle, greeblies etc. too.
  8. Cagoda

    Cagoda's Customs Cantina

    Minor update. Having major mental blocks on figuring out Max Rebos' articulation but other than that he's almost finished. Working on Pagetti Rook and Kithaba. Need to make some changes after analyzing screenshots and do the headsculpts but making progress.
  9. Cagoda

    My Custom Star Wars figs, check em out!

    Wow those are really cool! Any plans on doing a Momin? He’d look sick, I’m starving for more Sith.
  10. Cagoda

    Chakaman's customs, mods and repaints

    Dude that’s sick, your pilots rock!
  11. Cagoda

    Stryker2011's: JABBA THRONE ROOM CUSTOM DIORAMA (Cabinet build in progress))

    Woah that Tusken looks great! Really wish HT would release an OT Tusken.
  12. Cagoda

    okieh2 collection and customs / Luke from Mandalorian

    That’s way too cool! Did you water treatment his outfit? Looks real!
  13. Cagoda

    Hot Toys Disney+ Figures "The Mando" + "Cassian" + "Kenobi" + "The Book of Boba Fett"

    Where are the damn aliens in the Andor trailer? This is Star Wars, not earth. WTF.
  14. Cagoda

    Kai x Eleven: Vagabond, Sasaki Kojiro + deluxe accessory pack and Musashi Miyamoto Reissue 1/6th scale figures

    Oh HOLY **** I am so down for both. Currently on 10 of 12 of Vagabond. Where will these be available for preorder?
  15. Cagoda

    The Cabinet of Dr. Talibane- (UPDATE 1/30) 1/6 Echo Base Trooper, Han Solo in ATST

    That Dewback is essentially what I'm looking to do with Ephant Mon! Seeing that is super inspiring, that's a wonderful sculpt. It will look so cool all painted up.