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  1. Platty

    Platty's Projects - updated! Jim Lee Cyclops WIP

    Hi all. I've got a couple of completed custom figures to show so I thought I'd create a new thread. I'll also post finished works and plans and any ideas for my projects in here :) I'l continually update this thread with stuff I make! Current projects include: 90’s Jim Lee Cyclops Jason...
  2. Platty

    Kotobukiua Artfx: Jim Lee All star Batman and Robin - ArtFx 1:10 statues - 2 pack

    Newly released images and details today of the Kotobukiya Artfx batman And robin statues 2 pack. The statues are based on Jim Lee’s designs from the All Star Batman and Robin: The Boy Wonder comic series. They are 1:10 scale with Batman standing roughly 7 inches tall. More pictures here...
  3. Platty

    Big Chief Studios James Bond Series

    Big chief have the rights to James Bond. Amazing news! Check out the awesome announcement by visiting their website: It's about time the 1:6 community saw official James Bond figures and I for one couldn't be happier!
  4. Platty

    Air hogs remote control batman vs superman batmobile

    This is a pretty cool little thing, looks really detailed and accurate. And fast! It's not quite the soap studio car, but it's a cheaper decent alternative! I haven't seen much on it. Air Hogs Batmobile First Look and Review - YouTube Air Hogs: Batman V Superman Batmobile Remote Control...
  5. Platty

    FS: Perfect Hot Toys MMS117 T-800, MMS67 OC Batman & Very first OC Batman

    Hi! It pains me to do this as this was my no.1 piece for a long time, but it's time to start putting money back into the hobby. And with owning the Enterbay 1:4 T-800 and DX10 on the way, I have enough terminator 2! Then there's always the dear month that is December! Eveything is incuded and...
  6. Platty

    Looking for Saturday Toys black suit & HT Cap America Nude !

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the recent Saturday toys black suit: Help make Bruce Wayne a happy doll this Christmas!
  7. Platty

    Looking for DC Direct Comedian 1:6 MASK

    Hello. Thanks for looking!
  8. Platty

    Looking for HT S.T.A.R.S Chris pants / T-1000 white Tee

    Hi, I'm looking for the HT S.T.A.R.S Chris pants! These badboys are the only item I need to finish my RE1 chris. I'm in the UK and can do paypal! Thanks a lot for looking! EDIT ! : now also looking for a HT T-1000 white t-shirt! Thanks!
  9. Platty

    Looking for Hot Toys OC Batman Hands

    Hey guys, as the title says I am looking for as many of the Hot Toys OC Batman hands I can find. The right gun firing hand is essential! Any others are a bonus. It can be from either of their OC figures. Thanks for looking.!
  10. Platty

    Custom Solid Snake MGS HS

    Hi! Here are photos of a custom headsculpt of Solid Snake, based off the Young Snake camouflage mask featured in Metal Gear Solid 4. I had the head commissioned by Francis Lerma. He did a great job. Lonewolf handled all the aspects of the comission and also did a brilliant job. Solid Snake...
  11. Platty

    Hot Toys - Merry Christmas

    Let the games begin! Matrix! :panic:
  12. Platty

    WTB: HT John Connor V1 Headsculpt, Rifle and Stand!

    Hello, looking for the John Connor V1 headsculpt, HK416 Rifle, and stand. Recieved Final Battle Connor today, so looking for these parts to make the ultimate connor, pretty much! Thanks.
  13. Platty

    Plattman's Customs! Bond. James Bond.

    Wanted to do a thread to show off my bashes! Unfortunately my pics let the figures down :mad: I think they suffer a drop in quality when I upload them as well. First up, Neo! Headsculpt by Sunohc, repainted by Greggo. Body = TTL Costume = Triad Toys Glasses, Boots & Pair of...
  14. Platty

    Looking for a Hot Toys Narrow Shoulder, Loose w/o pegs

    Hi, as the title says, i'm in need of a Hot Toys Narrow shoulder body. I don't need the feet, hands, foot and wrist pegs but it would be great if it came with a neck post. Thanks for looking! :rock
  15. Platty

    NECA: Assassin's Creed II

    Neca are doing Assassin's Creed II figures, here are photos from the con: They look great!
  16. Platty

    WTB: Medicom TDK Batman

    Hi, after one of these, brand new and sealed etc or as new condition, UK preferably. Cheers!
  17. Platty

    DC Direct Toy Fair booth

    DC Direct Toy Fair booth *Edit* Now with a 2nd Gallery of new items! Can anyone say, "Keaton Batman Statue"! The Arkham asylum statue looks really good as well, as does the Christopher Reeves as Superman Statue & Bust...
  18. Platty

    FS: Modern Warfare 2 Hardened - PS3. New & Sealed

    Yo! Asking for £50. Brand new game, still sealed and has the Call of Duty Classic code to download the 1st ever COD game for free from the PS store. Would have to be in the UK only!!! And a different method of payment than paypal as I don't have it. PM me if interested! Thanks!
  19. Platty

    Looking for a 1/6 wetsuit. Navy seal style

    Hi looking for a wetsuit for a bash as the title suggests. Ideally i'd be interested in the BBi Seal UDT "stingray" wetsuit as it has a better reputation than the Hot Toys ones. I've heard nothing but bad things about those. Would have to be UK only. Thanks in advance.
  20. Platty

    WTB: (Long) Coat for a Bourne Custom

    Something along the lines of the Triad Toys bullet ballet coat: In black, or a dark grey. I'd buy the one in the photo but it is so hard to get hold of! If you've got something like that you'd be willing to sell, let me know. If not, thanks anyway!! Cheers