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  1. RandomHero

    The Two Towers: 20th Anniversary

    So I'm watching the Fellowship of the Ring right now, and it dawned on me that the 20 year anniversary of this movie is in a month. Wild, can't believe how time flies. I started wondering if Asmus might get that Ian Holm Bilbo out to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the films. That got me...
  2. RandomHero

    Bee Toys - Kingsman Mr. Harry 1/6 Figure

    Haven't seen a thread about this so posting this here. Never heard of Bee Toys before, that's a new one to me. Any Kingsman fans out there looking at picking this one up? Doesn't look terrible.
  3. RandomHero

    Petition to LIM Toys - Uncharted Figures

    I want to try a bit of a social experiment for this hobby. I'm wondering if we can't try and see what kind of power the collector actually does have when it comes to figure production, and I'm hoping you'll take a stab at joining me to find out. A few weeks ago - the discussion what's next for...
  4. RandomHero

    Rovi Appreciation Thread

    This might seem silly to some, but it needs to be said. We are lucky to have Rovi. We might not like every decision Asmus makes, but I think we can all appreciate the manner in which tries to help the members of this board resolve issues, provide answers to questions and just keep us in the...
  5. RandomHero

    Next Lord of the Rings figure...?

    So even though I'm a little mad at Asmus right now (comment on the hat and staff damnit), Wor-Gar has started one of these threads in the Star Wars/Marvel sections and it's led to some fun conversations, so let's get one going here. What will the next Lord of the Rings figure reveal be...
  6. RandomHero

    1/6 What Star Wars characters deserve a figure, that don't have a figure?

    There's always posts in threads about what figures people want to Hot Toys make next. They always turn into a grand wish list, often wanting Bespin Han or Padawan Kenobi or Medal Ceremony Leia. But those characters all have other versions that can be obtained for collections, even if they aren't...
  7. RandomHero

    How do you go about finding a good painter/customizer?

    So I've posted here recently that I'd like to get into the ThreeZero Game of Thrones line. I got Jon Snow and bought the Nut Piz head sculpt everyone recommended. I plan to get Brienne and Tyrion next, the sculpts look like they are pretty good but the paint application holds them back a bit. I...
  8. RandomHero

    1/6 Speculation: Jedi Fallen Order - Cal Kestis & BD-1 Figures

    Last night, I finished Jedi: Fallen Order. Although I had some issues with the game, it was the most fun Star Wars game I've played in a long time and although a little more inflection in his voice would have been nice, I liked Cal Kestis and loved BD-1. Absolutely hoping there is more to come...
  9. RandomHero

    Action Figure DAMTOYS: Assassin's Creed 3 - Connor Kenway 1/6 Figure

    Just saw these on Facebook. Seems appropriate that these would go up on the same day the AC3 remaster drops. DAMTOYS officially launches classic Ubisoft game Assassin's Creed ® III - Connor 1/6th scale Collectible Figure Damtoys has successively released several 1/6th scale Collectible Figure...
  10. RandomHero

    Hot Toys MMS - AOTC Jango Fett

    Haven't seen a thread for this, if I missed it, my apologies. This actually looks like a pretty cool proto. I hope it makes it to preorder.
  11. RandomHero

    1/6th Hot Toys The Last Jedi Poe Dameron

    The best pilot in the Resistance - Poe is coming! "That's one hell of a pilot" - Finn This collectible figure of the amazing Resistance pilot who can "fly anything" will soon join the ranks of Hot Toys' Star Wars collectible series! Stay on the lookout, Star Wars fans!
  12. RandomHero

    BluRay Storage Rack?

    Not sure if this is actually the right place for this post or not, but I figured the DVD/Bluray area made sense. Anyway, can anyone recommend a good BluRay storage rack? I was looking for one that's more of the shelf style than a tower. Everything I seem to find on Amazon is either WAY too big...
  13. RandomHero

    WTB Dark Knight Batman, Catwoman and Joker

    I just recently got into this hobby, so unfortunately I am learning about everything I missed out on that I would have loved to have had! I'm looking to buy a Christian Bale Batman from Dark Knight or Dark Knight Rises, a Heath Ledger Joker and an Anne Hathaway Catwoman. In box is definitely...
  14. RandomHero

    Hello from New Jersey!

    Hi all! My name is Matt, I'm 27 years old, and I'm from the great state of New Jersey (no, I don't know Snooki or Bon Jovi!). I'm just about brand new to sixth scale collecting. I just discovered this forum and figured what the hell, why not become a part of the community and make some new...