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  1. Smudger9

    Tapatalk Support

    I've viewed the forum on the tapatalk App for years, under the Sideshow Freaks banner. This has now stopped working and Collector Freaks doesn't appear on the Tapatalk forum list. Is there a way to view this forum on Tapatalk?
  2. Smudger9

    Will Episode VII speed up Sideshow's release of core characters

    Before the announcement of Episode VII the live action series had been shelved indefinitely, and apart from the clone wars series, which had about 3 series left, there were no mainstream Star Wars projects on the horizon. It made sense for Sideshow to spread out the release of popular characters...
  3. Smudger9

    Star Wars SDCC 2012 Thread

    I'm surprised we don't have a thread for this yet. Who's going to the preview night tonight??? Can't wait to see pics.
  4. Smudger9

    FT in UK Sideshow Shocktrooper

    For any UK freaks. Looking to trade a Sideshow shocktrooper for a Sideshow stormtrooper.
  5. Smudger9

    How many figures can you fit in a Detolf?

    No punchline, a genuine question. I've not purchased any Detolfs yet as I'm waiting for the loft to be converted. I'm debating whether to get a Coruscant Clone but it depends on how many 1/6th figures can fit on each Detolf shelf. 3, 4 or 5?? Pictures would be appreciated.
  6. Smudger9

    Medicom VCD Wicket

    ] Thought this little guy deserved his own thread. I'm really excited about this. Difficult to see if its fur or vinyl, but I suspect its a VCD like the Yoda was. After the release of the excellent Yoda I was hoping for another 1/6 VCD, either a Jawa or an Ewok.... looks like Medicom read...