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  1. chrisstruthers

    Uncharted | 18 Feb 2022

    Hope you're all ready for generic action adventure movie #13149350
  2. chrisstruthers

    Asmus Toys - YuYu Hakusho 1/6 Scale Figures

    Just announced
  3. chrisstruthers

    Art Figures - King Orm/Ocean Master - Aquaman 1/6 Figure

    Headsculpt isn’t that great but the suit and helmet look cool.
  4. chrisstruthers

    SSR - Invincible - Omni-Man 1/6 figure
  5. chrisstruthers

    Fumigating House

    Family are talking about getting the house fumigated to get rid of some pests, has anyone else here had to do this? Should I be worried about my Hot Toys and other collectibles whilst it's happening? Not entirely sure what to expect.
  6. chrisstruthers

    FS: Hot Toys Rey & D-O AND Kylo Ren (The Rise of Skywalker)

    Selling both of these figures, both are still in the shippers. Rey has only been taken out of the box for 30 seconds to inspect, Kylo has never left his box. Rey & D-O: £220 shipped within the UK. SOLD Kylo: £270 shipped within the UK. If you are International and intersted PM me and we can...
  7. chrisstruthers

    WTS: Various 1/6 Hot Toys / Sideshow / DAMTOYS/ Threezero

    Hi all, it's about time I sell of some of my collection, mortgage deposits don't come cheap :lol. Prices are in £GBP (you will need to check the Paypal exchange rate for your currency), willing to negotiate fairly, if you are in the UK I will ship via DPD Local Door to Door next day for free...
  8. chrisstruthers

    Hot Toys - Spider-Man Miles Morales - Purple Reign Suit

    I’d rather have Prowler but sure.
  9. chrisstruthers

    Hot Toys - 1/6 Iron Strange

  10. chrisstruthers

    Hot Toys - 1/6 “Armorized” Deadpool

    You all asked for it, and it’s finally coming :lol
  11. chrisstruthers

    Hot Toys MMS Iron Man Mk1 DIECAST

    【Iron Man - 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark I Collectible Figure】 “My turn.” – Tony Stark The origin of all preceding Iron Man, Mark I was manually crafted by Tony Stark from limited resources found in the cave, including pieces of scrap metal and machine parts, as part of the plan to escape from...