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  1. Gipetto0812

    SCAM EBAY SELLERS!! Beware of these guys ( red_star2013 and sc store9999 )

    Understood. Well the only hope next would be to contact your Credit card company unless you used funds that were in your PayPal account. You usually have a longer period to file a claim directly with your credit card. Doesn’t hurt to try all avenues before giving up on your money
  2. Gipetto0812

    Hot Toys licensing - Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? 80's film?

    No way HT will touch either license. I also don't see Asmus letting go of LOTR. That's their bread and butter right now. Without that they don't have much else. Considering their Ace Ventura looks like a huge downgrade from their LOTR and DMC figures, I'd be a little hesitant on adding something...
  3. Gipetto0812

    Hot Toys - Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 1/6th scale Captain Rex Collectible Figure

    I would love the option to pick my stand. I grew tired of the oval stands and prefer the newer rectangle stands with nameplate. But I also prefer the tops to have the texture application like ROS Rey's sand base or the Fantastic Beasts stone style stands. I think all or at least most of us hate...
  4. Gipetto0812

    Statue JND Studios: The Dark Knight - Ledger Joker 1:3

    I have no skin in this game, but I agree with the comments about the hair as that is my biggest gripe with this piece. I think I like the rest of the statue, but the white make up that's sort of bleeding into the hairline is too clean looking to me and all done in a straight line following the...
  5. Gipetto0812

    Statue JND Studios: The Dark Knight - Ledger Joker 1:3

    Yup I totally agree. I know if JND were to make a Jack Sparrow, if it's not a shrunken down Johnny Depp, accurate to whichever of the movies they choose, I would pass even if it's one of my grail pieces to have. Same with the Infinity 1/2 Gandalf...that thing looks nice, but it's not accurate...
  6. Gipetto0812

    Statue JND Studios: The Dark Knight - Ledger Joker 1:3

    There are always going to be folks on both sides of the fence. And it's ok to be either. Specifically, with this interpretation of the character, you can go on social media and find every portrait artist under the sun seems to have sculpt this guy at least once (some like 5-6 times) as well as...
  7. Gipetto0812

    Asmus Giveaway 1/6 Anduril Sword of Aragorn

    By all means voice your opinion. I never said that you shouldn't nor did I say you have no right to feel the way you do. And my post was not typed with disrespect, negativity or insensitivity. I wasn't trying to force you to justify your feelings. I've just seen the term "missed out" thrown...
  8. Gipetto0812

    Hello from Onesixthkit

    definitely ordering the DX before the cut off! Hopefully they make Mia/Emma Stone as well!
  9. Gipetto0812

    Asmus Giveaway 1/6 Anduril Sword of Aragorn

    I agree. There was bound to be fake accounts being made when the give away happened, most likely by ppl who just want to flip it. Just like there used to be (and probably still are) tons of scalpers who don't even collect figures, waiting in line to get the SDCC exclusives just to flip. I think...
  10. Gipetto0812

    Infinity Studio: LOTR - Gandalf (Ian McKellen) 1:2

    Definitely an amazing piece. However, looks like they're missing the stamped pattern on the leather belt and maybe the sculpted end piece of the leather belt. Also looks to be missing a lot of detail on the buckles. For something that's probably going to cost an arm and a leg, these little...
  11. Gipetto0812

    Statue vs Action Figure what's your cake?

    That's really the problem right there :lol If you stick with one license, you may have more display space like the guys who ONLY buy Iron Man figures or TDK Trilogy, etc. But if you're buying the entire MCU, SW plus other things you're pretty much screwed unless you have a large display room. Or...
  12. Gipetto0812

    1/6 Indy Customizations: Image Thread

    Depends on what level of accuracy/ quality you're going for? The most cost effective with real leather is Hnlee's/Rise Collectibles one. Better fit and look than HT imo. He will start a 3rd run in the new year I believe. Jacket alone was $180 for the second batch and he's said price will go up...
  13. Gipetto0812

    SCAM EBAY SELLERS!! Beware of these guys ( red_star2013 and sc store9999 )

    If it's only been 3 months, you should still be able to file a claim through Paypal if that's what you used to pay or contact your credit card company. All hope isn’t lost. I contacted PayPal right on the 6 month mark and got my refund
  14. Gipetto0812

    WTB: DamToys AC3 Connor and HT Dastan Prince of Persia

    Pre-Turkey day bump!
  15. Gipetto0812

    Hello from Toy Anxiety!!

    I was actually out with friends when the sale started (almost forgot!) and made two separate orders. Thankfully and graciously TA recognized without me saying so when placing the second order and I got a refund notification yesterday which was a pleasant surprise! Big thanks to TA as they...
  16. Gipetto0812

    1/6 SSC Gambit Sixth Scale Figure

    Thanks for the link! I really like the look of this. The good thing is, we have options so ppl who don't like it can get the SooSooToys. I prefer this one. The only thing I see myself modding are the ears. Carve out some of the plastic behind them, heat them up, put a dab of superglue in the...
  17. Gipetto0812

    Action Figure DAMTOYS: Assassin's Creed 3 - Connor Kenway 1/6 Figure

    Cool, thank you for the lead! I don't use Facebook all that much, but I'll see if I can find it :)
  18. Gipetto0812

    Hello from Toy Anxiety!!

    Was able to get pretty much all I wanted, especially a Phicen/TBLeague body I had been eyeing. Those usually go quick so very happy to have gotten that! Thanks as always TA!
  19. Gipetto0812

    Action Figure DAMTOYS: Assassin's Creed 3 - Connor Kenway 1/6 Figure

    Sorry for bumping another AC thread. But making my way into collecting all the ones I haven't gotten. Couldn't help but jump back in once I obtain Edward again from a fellow board member. With that said, anyone have one these they'd like to let go of? Or any leads on one that isn't at an insane...